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Social Cubix’s Top 7 App Picks – February

As you look forward to a bright and prosperous year with your loved one, romancing over a hot cup of coffee, letting your mind wander while looking out the window, we felt it’s time to bring back our bi-monthly issue of top 7 apps to add to your app arsenal.

Here we are with this month’s top picks. Enjoy!

TextSecure – Android, iOS


Happenings around the world have made us somewhat paranoid, haven’t they? If you’re concerned about your text messages being peeked at secretly, use TextSecure.

All messages received or sent to TextSecure users are encrypted. The app also encrypts messages that are lying around in your phone, just to keep them safe from nosy agencies or prying eyes.

Fooducate – Android, iOS


Eating healthy should be everybody’s universal goal, by default! This is unfortunately, easier said than done for most, as not everyone is equipped with the right know how when it comes to nutrition.

This app literally educates you about food – before buying items you scan the nutritional labels and ingredients. When you scan an item, it tells you if there are preservatives, sugars, MSG, or other ingredients that you are allergic to, or are otherwise detrimental to health.

Fooducate goes a step further to stamp a letter grade on each ingredient and suggest healthier alternatives. Stay on top of your meal choices.

Magazine My Photo – iOS


We all fantasize about how our physiques might look on the Men’s Health cover, or how your latest make-up experiment might look beaming on the cover of Vogue.

This free app lets you choose from 50 different magazine covers to put your photo on. Choose from your gallery or take a fresh front-cam photo, edit it according to taste, and put it on a famous magazine

LastPass – Android


Use LastPass to easily and safely sync all passwords across browsers and devices. Its built-in browser will automatically enter login info for every LastPass-saved site.

The app automatically fills forms on all sites, and using the Secure Password Generator you can add, update and delete sites and secure notes.

Refresh – iOS


This is a great tool to have, particularly if you’re a frequent business meeting person.

Refresh works great at building relationships: it syncs seamlessly with Facebook, Gmail and LinkedIn to help you go into meetings completely prepared and well-informed. Review previous interactions with people you’ll be meeting or get to know something new about them.

This app really leaves you wondering just how good it is; eventually you might come to know that a particular individual also speaks Italian, that the two of you have more than 20 mutual Facebook friends, or that a contact’s birthday is going to be in two days. As an added bonus, you can also find out who introduced you first or if you’ve taken down any notes about them in Evernote.

Inbox – iOS, Android


If you’re familiar with Material Design – Google’s design framework boasting simple, bright shapes as well as shadows and contextual animations – you’re going to love what Inbox has to offer.

This app whole-heartedly embraces Google’s design language and the results are eye-pleasing to say the least. Android apps actually stand a chance of looking as good as iOS-only apps.

Slacker Radio – Android, iOS


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We hope you enjoyed the very first issue of a brand new year. Let us know what you think of this month’s picks. Also, get in touch with our dev team to possibly have your app featured in our next February issue.

Till then, live well and live happy!

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