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Social Cubix’s Top 7 App Picks – November Issue #1

It’s your lunch break and you’re checking up on some general info on your favorite smartphone app. I wish I could sometimes put my finger on it, but what is it about apps that make you not want to put the phone down? Yeap, we’ve all been there. Mobile apps do have that effect on us.

Part of a new blog series, November brings you two more fresh issues of our top must-have mobile apps this month. Here we go again!

EasilyDo – Smart Assistant, iOS, Android

Our culturally-inherited obsession with shaving off a few seconds here or there to boost productivity dates back to at least several decades.

Easily Do

EasilyDo is your very own personal assistant – have a wide variety of everyday tasks automated and save yourself the trouble and headache of having to manually manage them each day. Four categories of tasks help you get through the day.

“Navigate your day” has options that let you pull up weather updates, upcoming calendar events, or directions to your home/office when it detects you’re more than a mile away. The “get notified” section has several “do its” ranging from bad weather alerts to package tracking.

“Stay connected” is a wonderful option that alerts you when a photo of yours is tagged on FB for example, or upcoming birthday reminders.

Use the “get organized” section to add contact info – the “Do it” command utilizes data from Evernote, SalesForce, email and the Contacts app. Other great automations are geared towards cleaning up your inbox, and hey, that’s an area we can all use a helping hand!

HotPads Mobile – Apartments & Rentals, iOS, Android

For you urban lovers HotPads is among the best map-based search engines. Looking to rent a house or apartment in urban surroundings? HotPads is the ticket.

HotPads Mobile

If you’re familiar with the HotPads website, you can access all of those goodies on your portable or handheld device. The map-based search lets you literally hone in on neighborhoods and focus on points of interest and what’s available. Complete with Zillow integration, the “rent zestimates” feature lets you view monthly rent for any piece of property.

Get only certified listings from reputable sources. You can even search for homes that fall within the vicinity of a particular school. Get a fix on public transportation options which also include train and subway stations.

A superb feature is “Walk Score© Data” – one look at the locations lets you decide how convenient an area is in terms of travelling via public transport, your bike or on foot.

Horizon – Android, iOS

Dig deep into your bag of tricks and give Horizon a try. Let me tell you why Horizon made our top must-have mobile apps list this month – the integrated accelerometer in your phone works with Horizon to regulate the rotation of your phone cam’s output. Keep moving your phone as you please; the horizon in your cam feed remains stable.


Hold it at an angle, sideways, or like you just don’t care! You can literally not pay any attention to it at all, but the results turn out stable and usable in any case. No more do you have to make do with your standard phone cam to film videos. Horizon continues to keep the “horizon” horizontal and lets you shoot videos without a second thought.

Mr. Number – Android

Hey, we all want certain “special” people to stop bothering us at times, right? Mr. Number will let you do just that as it blocks incoming calls and texts.


Most phones generally have a call and SMS function by default, but here’s where Mr. Number really stands out: in addition to blocking calls and messages it will let you set code prefixes and entire area codes.

That’s not all; the app helps you get rid of bothersome calls and messages using a simple spam-reporting feature.

Runtastic Pro – Android, iOS

Like running? I do too – I’m addicted to it as a matter of fact! Want to track your favorite daily running routes? Well, Runtastic Pro does a lot more than that. It keeps track of all kinds of crucial data productive to your run or workout. It even returns info-rich maps in order to plan out future outings.


A fully integrated music player boosts your peak output and motivation. There’s even a “power song” feature that kick starts your track of choice for that one final push as you finish your last set or dash past the finish line.

Use Runtastic Pro to fuel your most grueling workouts, be it running, weight training, hiking, cycling or simply walking.

Tinder – Android, iOS

Tinder is a name popular in many households today and is a fast growing location based dating app.
After downloading the app, you create a profile via Facebook. Scroll anonymously through potential matches in your vicinity. Once a mutual match is found, you can start chatting directly through your app.


Not only is the app free and easy to use, it doesn’t ask you to disclose your identity. Tinder is considered the most credible mobile dating app and a great way to make friends. You remain anonymous even if you’re not interested in a potential match. Go ahead and indulge in the world of Tinder which boasts at least 4 million matches each day.

Weather Underground – Android, iOS

Get uber useful weather updates on this slick app and be the first to contribute to the community fueled weather conditions report in your desired area.

Weather Underground

The comparative forecasts do a great job of showing how conditions are changing compared to the previous day. Accompanying widgets make this one of the best smartphone weather apps currently available.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on these top must-have mobile apps we’ve reviewed this month. You can contact us to have your app possibly featured in our next issue.

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