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Social Cubix’s Top 7 App Picks – November Issue #2

A good gift keeps on giving, doesn’t it? We here at “The Cubix” love giving out the gift of apps!

So here we are again with this month’s second issue of another top 7 picks.

SnapShop Showroom – iOS

Thanks to the technological wonders of augmented reality, you can now have a very good idea of how a new piece of furniture would look in your living room. SnapShop Showroom lets you visualize exactly how different furniture looks in your surroundings.


Walk into your desired area for placing furniture and launch the app. Let’s say you want to see how a new sofa sits with the surroundings, pick the one from the app and the sofa’s image is overlaid within the image of the room. Pretty rad, right? Move the sofa around to get “the complete picture” of how it would look with the rest of your surroundings.

Wikitude – iOS, Android

Wikitude is an augmented reality-powered browser, where the software overlays info on a real-time view of the world.


Pan around and icons pop up for different types of info that can be opened and read in detail. Think of it as having a virtual tour guide in the palm of your hand.

Wikitude presents all this extensive info to you from sources like Twitter, Gowalla, Wikipedia, and YellowMap. Though you get to choose which sources you want to use, and which ones you prefer not to. A search option lets you pinpoint places fast, and the ability to bookmark locations and landmarks is quite useful.

Layar – iOS, Android

Yes, we’re reviewing yet another augmented reality app and this one comes in the form of an interactive print viewer.


Scan “Layar enhanced” print materials to take in rich digital experiences; an extra layer full of digital and interactive content appears. The possibilities are very exciting: Magazines come to life with videos viewable right on the page. You can buy items with the aid of mobile shopping links.

Browse and view several thousand Geo Layers to locate nearby necessities or conveniences like restaurants and ATMs. Unsure of what you should be scanning? Simply locate the Layar logo on newspapers, magazines and other print media, or scan a QR code to unlock a myriad of live digital content.

Scan movie or music posters to of upcoming releases and get more info like a trailer or what the critics have to say. Like I said, exciting and most likely endless possibilities.

Free Call & SMS Scheduler – Android

Remember the last time you honestly said to yourself: “Hey, I actually remembered to call everyone I needed to this week!”

Free Call SMS Scheduler

Free Call & SMS Scheduler is an app that lets you pick a time, date and contact name to schedule automatic outgoing calls and text messages. Change your scheduled call or message details at any time to accommodate your personal preferences.

An “occurrence” feature lets the app retry at fixed intervals if you happen to miss your scheduled call. Place as many scheduled calls and messages as you like, without paying a single dime. The practical usefulness and benefits this app offers are pretty hard to pass up.

Next Glass – iOS, Android

This app may most likely change the way you look at beer and wine.

Next Glass

New brews are recommended based on the preferences you report to the app. The suggestions come from what the devs call a “genome cellar”, which contains highly detailed info on thousands of beers and wines, thanks to analysis done by the Next Glass lab.

Rate the brews you like in your Taste Profile, and it matches chemical data of those drinks with those you haven’t tried yet. That’s how personal recommendations are made. If you are highly particular about your wine and beer, this is a must-have. Holiday season is right around the corner too!

Sleep Better – iOS, Android

Sleep Better is a clever alarm clock and sleep cycle tracker which reacts to your movements as you sleep. Just launch the app and place it next to your bed; it will collect data such as how often you twist and turn throughout the night or get out of bed.

Sleep Better

As the morning comes, you get to see detailed graphs of your sleep patterns. The alarm function lets you wake up to your own music or alerts, along with other customization options to choose snooze time.
Compatibility with iOS8’s HealthKit comes as an added bonus, so you can view all your sleep-related info with the health app. You can even share it with some third-party apps if you wish.

Normal – iOS

No iPhone user wants to deal with battery drain, though the rate at which your battery gets drained varies from user to user, even with the same iPhone model.


The real battery hoggers are the apps themselves, and this is how Normal saves the day: it identifies the apps which are sucking the most life out of your battery and gives you options on how to cut down the battery hogging. Better yet, it displays a chart for every app which lets you know how much battery life you’ll save by eliminating that app from your phone completely.

You never know if an app that you hardly ever use, let alone need, could be gobbling away hours of battery time. Get your iPhone to last significantly longer on one full charge.

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Let us know what you think about this edition’s top 7 picks. To have your app reviewed in the next December issue, get in touch with us.

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