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Social Cubix’s Top 7 App Picks – October Issue #1

At Social Cubix, we quite simply love apps that are fun to use, make lives easier, and just make getting through the work day tremendous fun. We’ve been bringing you the latest stuff on apps for quite a while now, and here is our very first bi-monthly issue of October’s top mobile apps you just gotta have.

Push – iOS

Push iOS app

Want to turn your phone into a highly personalized news source? Most folks have a bunch of social media apps whose sole purpose is to send notifications to locked screens on a daily basis.

Push lets you aggregate notifications from a variety of news sources, and curate pings from various online channels, alerting you to your favorite type of news, say football scores or the latest development in the film/TV world.

Pennies – iOS

You’re probably familiar with Mint, the app that really streamlined how you track expenses. The devs behind Pennies understand how cumbersome it can be to track an expenses file in Excel format.

Well, you’re not going to find any monthly graphs or spreadsheets here. Pennies is a flashy app that’s not boring at all and is about as intuitive as a Toys-R-Us brand item.

Quip – Android, iOS

A word processing app designed by one of Facebook’s former CTO, Quip integrates a messaging feature to make collaborations as easy as cake.

Use the app to create documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and coordinate on project management, blog posts or simply get others in on the grocery list.

Slack – Android, iOS

Shuffling back and forth between emails is a chore you shouldn’t have to deal with. Stay on the same radar as your team through chat rooms – tag users and have multiple channels that can also be used to track less significant team projects.

Never get distracted from the task at hand – get non-intrusive notifications on your desktop and stay in command at all times.

Movy – Android

Movy App
Use this top mobile app to collaborate at the workplace or use it just for fun. You can stay in touch though texting works great for one-on-one or group messaging, Facebook works fine to keep in touch with friends, and live video is fantastic, provided you have the time.

Most of us are heavily tied down on a daily basis and simply don’t have the time or energy to sit through a video chat. Movy lets you do direct video messaging either publicly or privately. Share your messages one-on-one or in groups. Use your Smartphone to video collaborate on anything whatsoever.

Clear – iOS

Clear App
Want to know of a really easy way to keep track of your to-dos? Assemble all your priorities for the day using Clear. Add a new item in a jiffy by pulling down your list and simply typing it there. Swipe right every time a task has been finished.

Jot down stuff that needs to get done and view it later on either your iPhone, Mac, or iPad. The best part? It all syncs over the cloud.

MX Player – Android

MX Player
You gotta love Android phones – drag and drop video files from your PC through a USB wire, and you’re good to go. Smartphones already come pre-loaded with native video players, though MX Player is no doubt among the most stable and easy-to-use.

A wide range of codecs and formats are supported, and the app’s multi-core decoders make it very quick and powerful. Resize video aspect ratio according to taste by pinch-zooming. If you happen to lose battery power while watching videos, no need to worry; MX Player remembers where it was last stopped.

And if you happen to be an app developer or app development firm looking to get their prized app published in our new bi-monthly blog series, go right ahead and shoot us an email along with your app’s description, link and screen shots. We’ll publish your goods without charging a dime!

Stay tuned as we bring you issue #2 of our top mobile apps this month, in the coming days.

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