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Social Cubix’s Top 7 App Picks – October Issue #2

If we only had a nickel for every killer app that rolls out each month, we’d be sitting on top of a gold mine.. well, almost!

Just a few days back we unveiled the very first issue of our select app picks for October. Here is issue #2 of another top 7 mobile apps that make living simply fun.

Flight Tonight: Last Minute Trips to anywhere – iOS

Flight Tonight Last Minute Trips to anywhere
Do you get a kick out of doing spontaneous last-minute type of stuff, for reasons known only to yourself?

Maybe you just recalled your anniversary, and the wife won’t let you off the hook so easily; you need to get a super-awesome gift, pronto. Perhaps you feel like surprising a beloved friend or relative over the weekend, or you robbed somebody and have ran out of places to hide.

Boston-based start up Hopper lets you do any and all of the above and gets you to your destination fast, complete with live booking. Launch the app and a James Bond-looking character emphasizes spontaneity right from the start. Enter your home airport and check out last-minute deals on flights to any destination around the globe.

Flight Tonight looks for flights leaving within the next 2 to 24 hours and sorts them out according to price. Choose from a number of online booking sites like Expedia or Orbitz to help you along the hunt.

Live Intentionally – iOS

Live Intentionally
Make the most of your life by “intentionally” living it. This simple yet intuitive app lets you live your life with a more meaningful purpose of existence and a better sense of self-awareness.

Ever wish there were a way to pause the moment and really live it? Live Intentionally lets you attach a personal sentiment to every action you undertake in your daily life.

Simply create an events list, and also get the app to fetch events from your phone’s calendar. Record all the highlights and successes of you day, monitor your behavior and with time, feel happier and more content about the way you live.

Specific color codes let you know whether you’ve set your intention or rated a particular event.

Give new life to your everyday events by using a mere tap to add intentions. Set reminders so that you can plan ahead for each event and set just the right intention.

Billr: Bill Splitting at the Table – iOS


The Billr app is a nice tool for splitting the bill properly.

Eating out with close friends and acquaintances is always fun, but can be an unnecessary financial drain for some; you order a straightforward sandwich and salad while your buddy goes all out on the $50 entrée special. Want to split the bill according to what you order?

Modern graphic art and logical navigation greet you as you launch the app. A simple touch on the screen and you calculate your party size. Tap plus or minus to add/subtract people. Each diner gets a unique color. You’re taken to a screen where items ordered are added. Add the amount using a calculator and move between each individual with a simple touch. The “add item” icon will move with you as you navigate between diners, when you wish to add an item.

Finish your meal, and Billr calculates tax and tip for the bill. Adjust the tax rate with the plus or minus button. At last, the app will break down every individual’s bill. Figures for tax, item costs and tip are all within easy reach. This is one top mobile app you just need to have handy if you’re a frequent diner.

Sunrise Calendar for Google Calendar, Exchange and iCloud – iOS, Android

Sunrise Calendar for Google Calendar, Exchange and iCloud
Sunrise is easily among the best cross-platform calendar apps available today. Some apps in this genre have fallen short in terms of providing a consistent experience across multiple platforms and devices, but Sunrise’s clean and easy-to-navigate interface with automatic syncing and highly user-friendly icons make it an exceptional choice.

The interface works in perfect harmony with Google, iCloud and Exchange. The very latest version boasts added functionality coupled with the support of Evernote and TripIt; have all your reminders and travel plans in the same app. Sound too good to be true? Just download the app and take it for a spineroo!

Swype Keyboard: Type Fast, Swype Faster – iOS, Android

Swype Keyboard
Tired of tapping into eternity to get your messages or emails out? Ask any of your fellow Android users about the best app for typing out stuff, and you’ll likely hear them rave about Swype.

At first glance Swype looks like your regular keyboard; symbols, numbers and letters, including the basic layout, look practically the same. Start using it and you’ll soon discover there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye.

Ditch the tapping and start swiping. You’ll literally be gliding your finger from one word to the next, smoothly typing out your text without a hitch. This might take some getting used to, but you really do need to get used to this! After a few practice sessions, Swype’s smart programming will take into account how you swipe; it knows exactly what you’re trying to spell out. You gotta let it work its magic!

Yik Yak – iOS, Android

Yik Yak
With Yik Yak, you get your very own local mobile bulletin board; get to know “stuff” about your area with the most recent happenings posted by other users in your community. Anyone and everyone can connect and share information without having to personally know each other.

Thanks to Yik Yak’s tightly knit virtual community, shout outs, jokes, news and funny or memorable experiences spread almost like wildfire.

Put up quality content and get upvotes from other community members. Decide what or who the best is through the upvote/downvote system.

The anonymity this top mobile app offers is what really makes it special. No longer do you need to worry about having to put on a face (like you do on social media) or about what you should or shouldn’t say regarding particular circumstances or people. It’s a free for all fest!

Get yakin’ and grow your herd.

PicsArt Photo Studio – Android

PicsArt Photo Studio

Uncover and display your true creative potential for all to see.

PicsArt can easily hold out on its own next to a computer image editing suite such as Photoshop. A collage maker, drawing mode and enhanced camera to snap photos with your own custom effects can sound somewhat intimidating, but thanks to its streamlined UI, using it is a smooth and pain-free process, even for beginners.

A Drawcam mode lets you add layers, draw and even edit your photos live, enhancing each shot before it is even taken. Discover your very own unique photography style.

This exciting app also connects you to a bustling community of artists from around the globe. Explore the works of other photographers, graphic designers and illustrators. Appreciate their work and exchange comments with them.

Keep your eyes peeled as we bring you the next issue in mid November. Aspiring iOS/Android app developers can have one of their apps featured in our next blog. Send us a quick email at info (at) with your app link, description, and screen shots.

We always welcome your comments and suggestions; we’d certainly like to know about an app or two that deserves to find its way on this list.

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