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Social Cubix’s Top 7 Apps to Put You in the Christmas Spirit

Ho ho ho I say! Tis’ the season to spread joy, which is why we felt this month’s first issue should revolve around apps that make celebrating Christmas a pure joy.

And we don’t mind at all if Santa “borrows” a few ideas here and there! Let’s get to it.

Epicurious – iOS , Android

Epicurious should be your cloud-cookbook this holiday season and let me tell you why.


This app is right up there along with the most complete and polished cloud-cookbook sources, complete with dinner party ideas, a devoted cocktail section, and even a separate section for newbie cooks as well as vets.

One standout feature is if you like a recipe you see, just add it to your shopping list, and when you’re at the grocers, you can launch the app to see what needs to be bought. Use the “create shopping list” button to bring all your recipes together under one major list. Some of us have a natural tendency to walk out of the grocery store and then recalling an item not purchased. This app will change that permanently.

Shop for Kids – iOS

Having trouble keeping up with your child’s toy wish list this season? Every child wants to have the ‘It Toy’, particularly when Christmas is lurking around the corner.

Shop for Kids

As a parent, you just can’t help but consider things like durability, price, assembling the toy if required or how much your child will enjoy playing with it. This app features video reviews and price comparisons by experts including how basic or complex it is to put together a specific toy.

A really cool feature of Shop for Kids is how it covers practically everything from learning toys for the really young ones to video games and sporting goods for the more ‘adventurous’ ones; almost anything you can imagine that may end up on a child’s wish list.

Santa’s Bag – iOS

Whether it’s the neighbors next door or your in-laws, everybody’s got an expansive gifts list they’re eager to get through. The likelihood of overspending or forgetting to buy someone’s gift altogether is always there.

Santa’s Bag

Lucky for you, along comes Santa’s Bag, a password-protected app through which you can keep a close eye on your shopping list. Create a budget for every person, keep a unique list for those stocking stuffers and tick items off your list as get them, which also by the way, makes for a great way to track your gift expenses.

Another feature worth mentioning is how the app saves all gifts you’ve ever purchased – you don’t want to be in that awkward situation where you end up giving the same lame gift you gave your best friend three years ago.

ShopItToMe – iOS

Who doesn’t want to pick the perfect Christmas party outfit or designer jeans to compliment their teen’s shopping list? Well, all that and more just got easier with this app as it lets you pick the stores and brands you like, and asks you to input your size.


You then get an alert or email making you aware that an item has gone on sale, according to the parameters set by you.

Use this app to take all the work out of shopping. It even allows you to enjoy discounts on certain items.

Christmas RADIO – iOS, Android

As a party host, you have to know this: your holiday bash really isn’t a holiday bash until all your friends are singing out loud and dancing away to their favorite artists’ music.

Christmas RADIO

This app keeps your festive home or office party alive and thriving, complete with joyous Christmas tunes to boot.

City Explorer: MyCityWay Now – iOS , Android

This app is an absolute must-have for anybody traveling to another country or city to spend the holiday season.

City Explorer

The location-sensitive app lets you find nearby restaurants, public transport spots, cultural attractions, places to relax and recuperate etc. You can customize the main page to view the weather, current news, gas prices, live traffic feeds or certain events and deals going on in your chosen area.

Christmas Frames For Free – Android

With this app, you select a photo and add Christmas-themed frames to it, making your very own special ‘seasonal’ photo.

Christmas Frames

Save the picture and use it as a wallpaper to let people see when you’re away from your PC or laptop. Or, share it on Facebook and Twitter. Great way to let your friends everywhere know that the Christmas bug has gotten to you and you’re all for it!

We hope you enjoyed our holiday season special app issue this month. To get your app featured in future articles or simply discuss all things apps, get in touch with us. Do let us know what you think of this month’s app feature in the comments below.

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