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Social Game Development for Brands

Social Game DevelopmentMarketing requires that you understand and know your customer’s likes and dislikes, and this requires a widespread Customer Segmentation analysis. Brands these days are moving towards Social Games, and the relevance of this is highlighted when considering that Social Gaming comprises a billion dollar industry. Indeed, this entails a massive current trend, where marketers aim to build the brand loyalty ultimately relevant to rapid sales boosts.

Apart from providing fun-filled and exciting ways to engage customers, let’s briefly explore some of the additional benefits Brands gain from Social games. Social Game AdvertisingAdvertising:
Advertisements are published almost everywhere, and utilizing Social Games has proved to be most cost effective and is the most obvious way for Brands to make use of Social Gaming. Additionally, advertising through television, print or even display would attract potential customers for a few seconds, although advertisements through social games are exposed for hours. Considering the vast number of users on Facebook, Brands would be able to pluck-out potential customers.Gamifying:
Brands are making ample of use of game mechanics in order to leverage all sorts of marketing campaigns. For instance, The LA Kings Hockey Team came up with the ingenious idea to make use of social media by adding social game elements to their website. Connecting to this Facebook application enables users to gain points when going through everyday online activities such as sharing posts and viewing videos – At the end of the day, users with the particular levels are awarded access to various limited L.A Kings content, and this is a great example of one of the many ways in which Social gaming is changing the marketing game as it stands today.Funding Charities:
Social gaming isn’t about business alone, but can also be used to raise funds for charities, just as FarmVille and CityVille recently joined hands with Pizza Hut to fight world hunger. All proceeds from purchases made are donated towards the World Food Programme. Users in the game are not only given improved equipment and abilities, but are also stamped with the World Food Programme logo.

All in all, Brands are achieving a variety of marketing goals such as banner impressions, video views, Likes to a Page, or social media mentions, all through a multi-faceted marketing campaign within a social game. This is where Social Cubix comes in and helps you achieve your goal. We are a software development firm that specializes in Game apps and social media.

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