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Social Media Strategy Done Right

Olympic London Social Media 2012If the Olympics showed us one thing, it’s that social media will continue to play a more involved role in our lives. Nike, Samsung, P&G and many other world renowned brands have plans to roll out their social media strategy for the next Olympics in Rio 2016. Up to 65% of the new as well as established business organizations are planning to make social media their central marketing platform.

With social media gaining such a massive foothold in the public consciousness, here’s how marketers can utilize the strengths of the platform:

1. Lay down your Goals.

It’s important to note what your social media campaign aims to achieve:

  • More Business
  • More Fans
  • More Information about consumer habits and preferences

Take the example of the Olympics in London. Their social media strategy was used to foster athlete-to-fan connectivity and to broadcast news and results.Social Media Strategy Done Right Once you know what your endgame is, it’s time to design your strategy to reflect your goals.

2. Design your Content with an eye on engagement with fans.

Your followers are your assets. Avoid losing them by designing an engaging social media campaign. By maintaining relationships with your fans, your brand has the capability to grow. Here are some factors to consider in your content deployment plan:

  • How frequently will you post updates and when?
  • Keep your message brief and it should also include a call-for-action component – like liking the post, clicking links, take part in polls, etc.
  • Reply back to fans on-demand. You don’t want to appear like a bot do you?

With a content plan in place and a massive following on numerous social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more, it’s time to manage them.Social Media Strategies

3. Employ an Analytics service that can help you keep track of your campaign.

So now you have got so many people following you across different social media networks. To see what is driving up traffic and what doesn’t, consider using an analytics app. By using one you can easily have access to:

  • advertising clicks
  • social media traffic levels
  • audience demographic

A Social media strategy done right can make your brand world-renowned in no time. Such is the beauty of modern technological innovations. If your firm is hoping to capitalize on the social media wave, call up Social Cubix’s marketing strategists today to design your social media campaign.

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