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Facebook store developersThe ever-increasing wave of online commerce that has been seeing an even greater spurt since the advent of social media networks. Recent business studies have shown a sharp increase in funds being relegated towards custom Facebook pages and applications, both of which have proven in a bid to exponentially increase market penetration and hype. Moreover, the offerings conveniently available in today’s virtual world are enough to boggle the mind.

Apart from shopping for regular items like clothing, decorations and tech gadgets, users can also purchase discount coupons, concert tickets and even gift vouchers and Social Shopping is amply facilitated by social networks. Consumers regularly look forward to the best discounts and bargains through Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter and deal blogs like Fat Wallet or Dealfinder and are sharing them with family, friends and all online contacts.

Here are some of the top Social Shopping trends you could incorporate.

Facebook Shop DevelopersProduct Reviews:
The best way to view customer feedback on a product, service or company is by running an online search on Twitter, Twendz or any other search engine, and you could view up-to-the-minute comments as well as the number of Likes. In contrast to the past where once we had to search specific retailer sites to get product reviews and now we simply watch as others do the work for us.

Exclusive deals and discounts tweeted on a regular basis are turning out to be be one of the main reasons for most people to give Facebook or Twitter a try. Deals such as those offered by Woot and FatWallet offer deals that are on people’s wish lists, and they have a vast number of followers who keenly watch out for deals and discounts.

Group Gifting:
Social Shopping services have now allowed you to make joint purchases with friends and turn your individually-meager finances into a collectively excellent gift. Smaller sites initiated the concept of Group Gifting and now larger retailers such as Best Buy have recently incorporated the “Pitch In” program where shoppers register online for the gifts they want, and notifications are sent to friends and relatives through email or even Social Networking sites. Friends and Relatives can then sign up for the program and pay for a portion of the gift.

Moving forward with Fashion trends:
Instead of waiting every month for a new issue of a magazine, Social Shopping can provide you with instant, daily fashion updates. Fashion addicts may not only shop online, but share thoughts, pictures and videos regarding the latest fashion designers.

The list of benefits of Social Shopping can go on and on, and as businesses and their facilitators innovate the methods that are already employed, along with producing newer solutions, the list of benefits for consumers is bound to swell and eventually become highly specialized. Social Cubix is a part of the segment that makes its contribution to a better Social Media experience, including Social Shopping, and it is one company that is known for its exquisite work. Call 866-978-2220 or Click here to get a quote for your project.

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