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The Facebook-Google Saga

The moment Google Plus was launched, analysts began comparing and contrasting it with Facebook, a hugely successful social media website. Although Facebook is way ahead of Google Plus, this comparison was inevitable because Google itself is a huge name. However, it will ultimately be up to users to deternine which of the two networking sites will emerge as a greater force.

When Google Plus was introduced in June this year, there was plenty of buzz around. However, those who have joined this network find very little to do at the moment on it; in fact, they don’t have that many contacts to interact with. Most people they know are already on facebook, and a great number of these might not be ready to quit facebook. At best, one can expect users to have a profile on each of the networks, which means that they will have to divide their time between these sites. This will inevitably leave room for each of these social networking sites to produce better services. Users will log in and use the one that attracts them more, and this will help analysts determine which site is ahead, easily.

At the moment, Google Plus is available to those who have been invited by another user. Yet, it has aleardy achieved millions of users in a very short span of time. While facebook has already captured a large slice of the users out there, Google Plus is expected to attract many from the same market, particularly due to its better privacy features as well as more competitive gaming features that allow gaming enthusiasts to compete with others on Google Plus. While these features have been a huge attraction, Facebook has beefed up its gaming experience as well as its privacy features as an apparent response. In fact, it has been making a myriad of tweaks and changes in order to counter the impact and presence Google Plus has had.

While many expect this battle between Facebook and Google Plus to continue, there is no doubt that the one that serves users better will emerge as a more successful website.

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