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The Future Is Bright and Wide Open for Both, Facebook and Google Plus

A growing amount of speculation hovers over the Facebook-GooglePlus competition hype. Amid the variety of views, many users, quite unreasonably, believe that there will be an immediate outcome; either facebook or GPlus will be victorious. However, a minority of users believe that this is just the start of a long and drawn out war. In fact, even after some time, it will be difficult to say who will be ahead – while G Plus could get really big in time to come, Facebook already is a huge entity, and will not be stifled by its competitor.

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Impact of Google’s Rich Array of Products Offered on GPlus?
It is noted, obviously, that Google Plus is a product of a highly successful corporation. When you think about Google’s vast product line, it is pretty conceivable that it could turn into something huge. Consider Google Scholar, Books, Code, Docs and Groups, and just think what Google can eventually offer businesses and students in terms of resources and support, especially if it ties all this to its social network. And let’s not forget Gmail and the fact that Google is a leading search engine – the average user hardly even thinks about searching for information through any other. To put it in simple terms, Google has a broad and solid platform, and its social networking site will inevitably feed off all its other products.

Facebook Users Aren’t Going Anywhere Anytime Soon:
At the same time, Facebook is already well established, and can make moves to cement and enhance its position. Already with 800+ million users under its belt, and GPlus trailing way behind, it has major businesses and famous individuals using its services for their presence. Common sense has it that these users are not about to get up and walk away, at least overnight.

Consider the following scenario: Let’s say you have your business set up and operating well in one location where you have all your customers. Why in the world would you want to close down your store and, shift to another location where you have to start from scratch? Wouldn’t it be wise to open up another store branch in a new location instead that could help you benefit from both locations? Well, that’s pretty much what most users on Facebook will be doing; you can expect them to maintain their user accounts on Facebook while they will most likely be attracted to explore what GPlus is offering – Already GPlus has started introducing new features out of which its newly introduced API has gotten many pleasantly surprised. With seemingly prudent progress, users will most likely embrace business prospects being offered by GPlus just like they have been doing with Facebook.

While Facebook is here to stay and GPlus will most likely at least coexist to widen users’ outreach, they will both need to watch out for what the other is offering users. This in fact has already begun while there will probably always be a few features that will be unique to each of these social networks.

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