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The Graphic UI of an iPhone App – Why It Has to Be Awesome

iPhone App UI DesignerAs opposed to the immediate effects that wide computer screens have, iPhones have certain disadvantages; the latter do not have an immediate impact due to their size, and it doesn’t take an expert to identify this. This is why there is tremendous emphasis on creating cutting edge Graphic UI content for iPhones; an increasing amount of time is now being devoted towards the design phase ensuring a highly refined UI.

Gone are the days when 25% of project time was spent on the design phase; these days, pioneers like Apple now ensure that the design phase of their projects occupies no less than 60% of a project’s time, which underscores the importance of this phase. Now, many more are following their design phase model.

Apple’s Design Process Model Involves:

  1. familiarizing yourself with the device as well as its purpose,
  2. defining the product,
  3. presenting the design and prototype on paper,
  4. refinement for developing an application for the best user experience.

The emphasis here largely concerns presenting the design (point 3).iPhone Application Interface DesignerWhy Present the Design on paper:

Many people may use something like PhotoShop or OmniGraffle for this phase, as it is perhaps easier for them or convenient since they are doing everything else on screen. However, doing things the traditional ‘low tech’ way may work better because you can sit almost anywhere and work on the presentation. It is also cost-effective and may even be a real comfort zone for some.

It is noteworthy to mention that in one of the sessions on Stanford’s CS193P iPhone Programming class on iTunes, Steve Marmon talked about how useful and important paper prototyping for iPhone App design is. All-in-all, it’s a great way to think through the UI process.iPhone Application DesignersCreating Designs via Stencils:

Using stencils might be a great advantage at the presentation stage, as these can also give you a tangible feel to your design, and this can actually help when considering what the design might look like in the hands of a user.

While just one of the 4 steps for the iPhone graphic UI design process has been focused on in this article, the emphasis here largely concerns presenting the design. This is a unique approach considering that most designers present their work on a computer screen. While it makes perfect sense to do so, it makes even more sense to present a tangible design to place in someone’s hands. At the end of the day, you’ll be putting a real iPhone in someone’s hands, and it must have the best design so that it appeals to the user.

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