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The iPhone 5 is Here!

iPhone 5 App DeveloperAfter countless leaks and pre-launch predictions, Apple Inc finally took the wraps off the next major iteration of the iPhone. To no one’s surprise, Apple is calling its flagship product the iPhone 5.

So what tricks does the iPhone 5 has in its sleeve? Will it be able to maintain its trail-blazing legacy? Or is it going to fall short of its nearest green-colored competitor? All this and more in the continuing space.iPhone 5 App DevelopersThey say it’s the features which maketh the smartphone

Let’s take a look at its newest features –

  • A bigger screen – 4 inch display that allows for more screen estate and true widescreen video playback.
  • Support for LTE – the iPhone is now ready for 4G networks.
  • turn-by-turn directions – courtesy of the new Maps app by Apple.
  • panorama mode – photography enthusiasts rejoice!
  • 3D maps – to rival its nearest rival Google.
  • Siri gets updated, now with improved voice search and more speech superpowers.
  • iCloud tab sync – Keep your desktop and mobile web browsing experience perfectly synced.
  • A6 Processor – with 2x the graphics performance than the 4S.
  • High-definition Facetime camera – Video chat with 720p display resolution.
  • Light weight design – it actually 20% lighter and 18% thinner than its predecessor.

How it Stacks up against the competition

  • The A6 processor is as powerful as the Exynos or Snapdragon S4 chips found in competing high-end Android handsets.
  • Apple’ in-house Map apps boasts as many features as Google Maps. iPhone 5 users can now enjoy tighter integration between the Maps app and their smartphones.
  • iOS 6 demonstration on the iPhone 5 runs like a dream. Jelly Bean has some serious competition now.
  • It has a pixel-perfect 16:9 ratio and has finally managed to catch up to competing smartphone displays.
  • HD front cam for high-resolution Facetime video chats is a first for smartphones.
  • It packs so much punch and comes in a lightweight package.

All in all, Apple has rolled out an evolutionary upgrade for its most important product yet. The iPhone 5 has not changed things too much. But then again you can’t tinker much with a product that personifies perfection can you?

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