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The Mobile App Development Economy: Trends Worth Mentioning

As we speak, things in the mobile app development economy are indeed exciting, with evolving trends that continue to top the charts. In 2014, we witnessed the mobile app market maturing like a fine wine – given the widespread adoption of tablets and smartphones, wearable devices and IoTs (Internet of Things) have been the talk of town lately.

We also saw an increasing number of mobile app developers embracing app analytics and innovating in terms of app marketing. 2015 is upon us, so let’s shed light on some trends that are hot this year.

Internet of Things

IoT 2

This continues to grow at an exponential rate as more people are whole heartedly using multiple devices to connect. Apps will only follow suit as they are integrated on several connected devices. This will definitely influence developers to lay more emphasis on multiple-device UI.

Businesses will also be in a better position to contact consumers through apps at just the right time and place using customer engagement management platforms that are based on Beacon or WiFi technology.

Rise of Enterprise Apps

Hand holding touch pad with icons

It is estimated that about 35% of large enterprise organizations will take advantage of mobile app development platforms to design and distribute apps across their networks. What’s more, IoT for enterprises is expected to get a boost as well.

Furthermore, enterprise app stores are expected to surface this year, allowing for B2B application sharing. You can definitely expect enterprise mobile management to grow as a result. There’s now ample opportunity for app developers to work with enterprise building and management applications.



The development tools accompanying HTML5 have been steadily gaining popularity since 2014. The more this technology matures the more businesses you’ll see adopting it to build hybrid apps capable of functioning smoothly on multiple platforms.

It looks like the focus is shifting from native apps to hybrid, HTML5-based ones.

Speak of the Cloud


Cloud technology is set to play a major role in the mobile app development industry. Given the surge in popularity of multiple mobile devices as well as Wearables, app developers will likely be focusing on understanding how to integrate and sync apps on multiple devices.

The cloud approach lets developers build apps which are tailored to be accessed on multiple devices, while boasting the same functionality.

Location-based WiFi and Beacon Technology


As far as the advertising and retail sector is concerned, Beacon tech is clearly starting to phase out the line between online and offline.

Apple is already on the Beacon bandwagon, integrating this tech in iOS, which can communicate with all their iBeacon networks; Android is expected to come aboard as well sometime this year.

WiFi is expected to provide a lot more than just internet access. Most businesses are already there as far as future-proofing their business with WiFi is concerned; cellular plans continue to become more expensive as large chunks of date is consumed by smartphone users on a daily basis.

Here’s how WiFi might make things easier for everybody: when it comes to indoor communication, cellular connectivity isn’t always best-suited to the task (signal issues in a bank vault for example). WiFi’s access point location can allow providers to know exactly where customers are, which will in turn let them provide the exact content needed, right on their phones.

A mobile development company, JULY Systems has come up with a platform, Wi-Fi MX which lets businesses engage with customers on their smartphones through Wi-Fi; access is provided to locally relevant content and services.

You can expect to see location-based WiFi services and Beacons getting a lot more limelight in the coming months as app developers are more confident in implementing these technologies to boost services, while only offering the right information to the right customers as and when it’s needed.

This report also sums it up well as far as current mobile app development trends are concerned.

Let us know if this article was helpful. Perhaps we missed a few upcoming and exciting trends worth mentioning. You can also contact our app developers to discuss ongoing trends in the mobile app development sphere.

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