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The Rise and Fall of Blackberry – Why Innovation, Evolution is Crucial!

BlackBerry App DeveloperAt one point in time (say five years back), Blackberry was one of the most prestigious and sought after mobile technology company. Elegant, sophisticated and ultra posh, the device was a rage amongst the business class users. Everything was smooth until Apple and its amazing iPhone came along. As if that was not enough, Android made its way up too. In the battle of iOS vs Android OS, Blackberry OS somehow lost even without being involved! The ultra hot phone apparently experienced a freeze in sales as it dropped dramatically from 44% to a drastic 10%. Shocked? Well, it was so anticipated, nobody even bothered. So what made Blackberry face such severe decline? Let’s find out.

Lack of Evolution

It’s hard not to be judgmental here but one has to look at this fall from a harsh angle. The world changed, technology changed and innovation was the call of the day; unfortunately, R.I.M (Research in Motion, the developers of Blackberry) decided to bask in its initial glory and pay no heed to evolution. This is one reason why Apple and Android got ahead while R.I.M got lost in its own bubble. Smartphones with the ability to entertain as well as to connect while also being productive were making waves while Blackberry phones remained highly traditional with the same old design, same old interface and same old functionality. It did not evolve as per expected.

Lack of Innovation

When was the last time R.I.M decided to be innovative? Unfortunately, there’s no record of that. While Apple and Android dedicated time in developing latest, state of the art touch based devices, R.I.M did not bother releasing touch phones way until 2011 when the other two dudes had already captured the mobile market. It was released as the Blackberry Torch series, which apparently, didn’t go down well with consumers. Innovation at a very late stage and that too with nothing spectacular to offer.

Unaware of Consumer Wants

R.I.M designed Blackberry with special focus on businesses and it was loved well by companies because of its strong servers and highly secured data maintenance. In the midst of all this, businesses loved Blackberry but somehow consumers never felt connected to the company. An average consumer would want a device that is fun, flexible and offers them entertainment, connectivity as well as productivity. The company did not focus on the larger circle of consumers and very much limited itself to businesses, thinking that if companies would adapt to R.I.M so would consumers. Sadly, they were wrong.
In a decade where IT was seen at its revolutionary peak, only those companies or brands survived who dared to take risks and make changes. Companies that stayed stuck in its initial glory failed to move on. Blackberry was the classic example of this traditional and closed box approach. The fall of Blackberry has proved to be a great lesson for IT companies including an app development company like us. Social Cubix has always strived to be an innovative and evolutionary Facebook and mobile app development company that can cater to the rising demand of high tech smartphone functionalities.
By the way, we also develop Blackberry apps for businesses that are still brand loyal to the company. In case you need a Blackberry app developed, drop us a line or call at 866-978-2220.

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