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The World of Social Game Development

Game Development ServicesSocial media gaming and mobile platforms have achieved all time popularity with the help of social platforms such as Facebook.

The current changes in software development and Social media have prompted agencies from all over the globe to enhance and excel in the so called land of opportunity. Facebook apps, more specifically Facebook Gaming Applications are at their peak. While companies such as Zynga, Playfish are long time players hat have been taking great advantage of the social space to the best of their abilities, there are also loads of fresh investors currently trying to get their hands on the untapped areas.

Currently, Facebook app developers have their hands tied up trying to enhance their skills and taking it to a whole new level. According to app data, Mystery Manor grew 27% and currently has 1.3 million active users. Other popular games like Cityville is on the of the App Leaderboard with 88,907,816 monthly active users. Following Cityville are Farmville, Badoo, Texas Holdem Poker and BandPage by RootMusic.Game Developers for almost all game development services, especially those linked to Facebook, rely most heavily on Flash and ActionScript. Which is not surprising when considering that these programming languages are labeled as most efficient in the market, and are amongst the most commonly used in the development of interactive games.

Social Cubix specializes in social game development for social platforms like Facebook and even iPhones. Proving to be one of the best Facebook app developers, contact us for a better social game development experience.

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