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Tips for Facebook Photo Application Development

Facebook Photo Application DevelopersHave you ever wondered what makes certain Facebook photo apps stand out from the rest? There are many key factors involved in developing a successful Facebook Photo application.

Let’s have a look at some major factors that can make your photo app rise above all or be consigned to the dustbin:

  1. Photos are personal and users want simple yet powerful privacy controls.
    • Any Facebook photo application should come up with vast and fine-tuned user privacy controls. The average user feels entitled to a sense of security.
    • There should be safeguards in place to avoid misuse of personal information such as pictures in Facebook photo application
  2. People like to share but they don’t want the photo app to “auto-publish” every single thing they do.
    • Avoid developing pushy Facebook Photo applications that spam the Facebook ticker or/and the Newsfeed.
    • A simpler and clutter-free photo app is up to the point and aids in app discovery rates.
  3.  Awesome Graphics UI yet simple app functionality is the name of the game.
    • Every aspiring Facebook photo application developer strives to cram many features into their photo app. Avoid this at all cost to save time and money.
    • Keep the functions simple. This can ensure an easier to use Facebook photo app.
    • An aesthetically-pleasing yet simple user interface should draw the user right in.
  4. Keep the updates rolling out so that the app offers more attractive options for users to make the most of them.

    • If your photo app is perfect for image manipulation via preset photo filters, include more wacky filters to keep it interesting to use.
    • Include new functions that didn’t make the initial development cut due to various constraints.
  5. With the flood of killer Facebook photo applications, users now have a ton of assorted options to unleash their creativity. For Facebook app developers and businesses alike, it’s also a potentially lucrative way for brands to advertise themselves on Facebook.

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