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Top 5 Mobile Music Apps for the Music Industry

Music is food for the soul. Our lives are filled with music be it at home, dine-out places, social events, the internet or that smartphone in your hand. People who take their music seriously spend hours concocting that perfect playlist. Many of their peers wonder how these headphone warriors come up with these superb listening combinations. The short answer is technology. And the best part is that you can be that music maniac too!

Here are 5 music apps to get you started on your journey:

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Chances are that you ventured into a café and there was that-song-I-like-but-don’t-know-the-name-of playing. You want that song on your playlist so what do you do? Whip out your smartphone and let Shazam listen it for you and bam! Suddenly you know the name, lyrics and everything there is to know about the song. You can even buy and download it direct from the app. How’s that for convenience? You can tweet your tagged songs and also share your preferences on Facebook. Shazam is available for both Android and iOS.


Are you one of the people who just hums (read mumble) the melody just because you never knew the lyrics to that song everybody else sing along to? Fret not, TuneWiki does one thing and does it right – listen to music with synced lyrics. No matter how complex the lyrics are, if you use TuneWiki, knowing the lyrics is as easy as mouthing off to a jingle!

At least the musicians and the music industry is happy that more people get the song lyrics right nowadays.

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The internet radio station with high quality music channels, Accuradio features unlimited track skipping if you want to move on to that next song. Accuradio also offers customizable channels that you can tune to your liking – skip out that artist you don’t like or put a song to repeat more often.

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We like our music that is born out of mutual experiences. And rejuvenated it the art of ‘Social listening’. Here’s how it works. It puts you the user in the DJ hot seat. You play songs and your friends can vote on your picks. You get voted up if the crowd is pleased and down if the crowd’s not pleased and the next DJ is voted in.

The app succeeds in making music a mutually shared experience to be had by a couple of friends.

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The most full-fledged mobile music app in its class, it doesn’t hurt to know that Pandora also offers one of the largest radio offerings on your smartphone. The more you listen through Pandora, the more it helps you discover new music based on past music preferences. You can also make playlists with your favorite songs as well.

If you want to develop a music application for your social media or mobile platform, we at Social Cubix can help you realize that goal. Contact us for all your comprehensive application development needs.

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