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Top 5 Reasons Every Small Business Owner Should Go Mobile

Are you a small to medium business enterprise (SME) who’s still putting off devising a solid mobile strategy for your business?

If you are, simply put, you’re on the losing end. Mobile is not only the future, it’s the “now”. Countless studies abound, talk among tech circles point to mobile’s phenomenal growth and there’s no stopping it. Mind you, this doesn’t even take into account the emerging wearable market.

It is interesting to see how small businesses have been rather “adventurous” in the traditional sense, when it comes to marketing. Despite this, there are still quite a few SMEs who do not see the full potential of mobile.

The trend seems to have shifted over the last year. Many SMEs are welcoming mobile with open arms and seeing almost immediate returns on their investments. However, if you’re in the pool of SME’s who tend to shy away from mobile because perhaps you feel it is an expensive and complicated process, and may not yield any specific value for your business, you are not alone.

After all, in a small business, every penny is carefully scrutinized in order to judge the value of any given investment. Though, you’d be pleased to know mobile is actually quite measurable, as is the case in the digital sector, so this alone should be encouraging enough from an investments perspective.

Here are more ways you can benefit from mobile.

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Improved Consumer Experience

Native apps are constantly getting better to capitalize on built-in features of mobile devices. As a result consumers spend the greater chunk of their time on mobile. The way consumer experiences have been improved over the years is a major contributor of mobile growth.

In the US, on an average, consumers spend well over 2 hours a day on apps.

Mobile is More Personal

Once you’ve won over consumers, they are more than happy to give you permission to interact with them through mobile; it acts as a great source of insight into their views, preferences and actions.

Target Your Campaigns Better

Know what your consumer wants and you can start delivering specific content that makes them tick. Since you’re an SME, you should keep things simple.

Your customers would want to receive information that’s easily processed and digestible. Apart from a straight forward app, you can also make use of SMS and MMS.

Drive Better Value

Deliver content that customers like, and provide it in the format they prefer – you can set yourself apart from competing SMEs.

Customers always love getting unique mobile offers, especially those they can’t get elsewhere. Cater to their expectations and gain a competitive edge. You’re adding real value to your business, which many big companies struggle to acquire.

Boost Customer Retention

Mobile offers many unique advantages – integration with GPS, sending push notifications to users – you can imagine how effective a presence it has.

Today’s modern-age consumer with fully equipped with a state-of-the-art mobile device and apps that continue to push the technological envelope. Businesses which offer the best mobile experiences edge ahead of the competition by miles.

An SME must learn to take advantage of the specific smartphone and tablet capabilities, especially when we talk native apps. Audiences can be targeted through not only push notifications but also geolocation. Hone your offerings through in-app catalogs, mobile payment options or click-to-order services.

You can also bolster customer retention through coupons and royalty cards.

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Take-home Message

If you’re running any kind of business at all, you need to jump on the mobile bandwagon. This is especially true for SMEs as they can greatly profit from what the right engineered mobile apps have to offer.

The time to act is now. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying more customer loyalty, higher profits and increased sales.

Strike the iron while it’s hot. The future is now.

Discuss the possibilities with our developers so as to how you can make your SME mobile-friendly and equipped to satisfy the demands of today’s consumer.

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