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Top 5 Tips on Using Your Android Phone like a Pro

Some of you iPhone buffs out there may have a hard time absorbing this, but Android’s currently the world’s most popular mobile OS, and man is it powerful.

Here are five ‘pro tips’ to get the most out of Android. It doesn’t matter what smartphone you have, as long as it’s running Kit Kat or higher, though it’s best if you install Lollipop first.

1. Grab a Hold of Google Camera


The free Google camera app can really make your standard Android cam come alive with features. It adds features like lens blur, an impressive panorama mode and 360 degree photos. On some cameras it actually boosts image quality.

The only downside is you might have to ditch some of the advanced features found in your standard Android camera, but Google Camera makes up for that: it is super easy to use and definitely worth trying.

2. Google Chrome to Phone


Being in the Google universe has its perks, as long as you’re willing to go through the initial set up. Here’s how it works:

Get the free Chrome to Phone extension and install it in the Chrome browser. Next, get the free Chrome to Phone app for your Android phone. Sign in to Google and you can start sending map links, phone numbers and text messages, right to your phone.

Imagine the usefulness of this extension – you’ve looked up directions on your PC or laptop which you send to your phone. They’ll show in Google Maps. Conclusion: it’s pretty rad, get it!

3. Ditch the Fitness Tracker


Android has integrated support for step counting and motion detection so why use a separate gadget to track your activity level?

Google Fit is compatible with most Android models. Alternatively, you can also use the health suits integrated into Samsung and LG Android phones. You can safely skip the Wearables here.

4. Point at TV and Shoot!


Several newer Android models have the ability to act as a remote control for TVs, DVD players, Cable boxes, essentially anything that relies on infrared for wireless communication.

Some LG models come with a really nice universal remote control app. LG and Samsung also have apps that control their respective TV models. Even though you can find free universal remote control apps on the Play Store, I’d suggest you get the paid apps as the free ones seem a bit shoddy.

And let’s be frank here: chances are you might lose the remote control at some point as opposed to your phone.

5. And Some Lollipop Tips


Once you install Android 5.0/Lollipop, there are a few tricks you can pull off to get the most out of it.

For instance, if you swipe down once from top to bottom, you’ll now spot notifications and Google Now cards. Swipe down twice and you’ll get to the Quick Settings menu where you can cast to a Chrome Cast or activate Airplane Mode. Oh I almost forgot – that screen now has a flashlight!

There’s now build-in search in the settings menu. So if you’re looking for notifications or tethering, simply type in the first bunch of relevant letters right next to the magnifying glass, and you can locate what you need to.

There’s a lot more happening in Lollipop and I’m sure you’ll discover plenty of neat shortcuts too. And when you do, or if you already know a few, please leave a comment or two below.

You can also get in touch with our Android dev team to get your mobile app art piece crafted to your preferences.

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