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Top 8 Reasons Mobile Start-ups Take a Nose Dive

Highly successful mobile start-ups all lean on the dawn of great ideas. The ideas become reality through strategically sound implementation.

However, before even hiring an app developer , you need to be on the lookout and avoid mistakes that are the cause of many mobile start-ups stalling prematurely. Let’s discuss those reasons as well as likely causes and certain ways of bypassing these costly and often irreversible mistakes.

1. Know Your Target Audience


Most start-ups fall into the trap of putting revenues as priority no.1. Customers should always be at the forefront when you’re cooking up ideas for your app. Narrow down your demographic and think about what you want the app to accomplish, how it will solve certain everyday problems for your users, their specific needs – this will help you implement only the most desired features. Like they say, the narrower the current, the stronger it is.

2. Be Aware of Your Competitors

I think this has to do more with sense and sensibility, than anything else. Nobody should have to go down the “jack of all, ace of none” road, so gather extensive info on your competitor’s product and analyze it thoroughly. Always good to have an ace or two up your sleeve.


Try to find cracks in your competitor’s product – these are opportunities for you to make your apps more economical, user-friendly, perhaps with a focus on more or better features and convenience.

3. Accurate Customer Feedback

You have got to avoid any pitfalls when it comes to acquiring timely and accurate customer feedback. Proper communication with your customers simply shows that you care about what they think. Accurate feedback lets you gather recommendations and opinions, and allows you to lay the groundwork for making your app better through updates. A well-supported app can easily win a higher ranking, along with the hearts of many customers.


This is where the app store user rating comes into the picture. Apps getting average ratings of 4 or higher out of 5 stars are the most widely used and recommended. To respond to this feedback, you need to have solid app support at your disposal in order to provide updates and bug fixes.

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4. Monetization Policy – Don’t Jump the Gun

Above everything else, you must decide how exactly you’re going to rake in profits. Ask yourself:

  • How am I going to gain revenues once my app is launched?
  • What strategy should I implement to continue seeing my revenues rise?
  • Should I charge users for the app or is it going to be completely free?
  • Are there going to be in-app purchases and/or other monetizing methods I’ll rely on?

Choosing the right monetization model largely depends on what future you foresee for your mobile start-up business.


For instance, if you have budget constraints, your mobile product needs to be reeling in profits right away. Naturally, it would have to be a paid one. However, in order for this to work, it must also be superior to your competitor’s apps, and offer certain characteristics that really make it stand out.

If you’re targeting a social network, your app will have to be free, though you need to work out what kind of demographic you’re trying to attract and in what numbers. Also, a game plan so as to how you will ‘eventually’ make profits, needs to be put in motion. Price it just right to keep it competitive.

5. Budget Beware


Be wise about how you invest your cash, especially if the budget is fixed. If your vision doesn’t go hand-in-hand with your budget, get by with the bare minimum – include only features that are absolutely needed for the concept or premise to work. This always leaves a comfortable margin for you to add updates, features and improvements as and when desired. The designated software developer is the ideal person to consult in this case.

6. The Flexibility of a Gymnast

Mobile markets are bending and stretching – changing rapidly as we speak. Customer demands and requirements are constantly shifting, including new mobile devices and trends surfacing. Learning to react instantaneously can elevate your business to new heights, along with having an uncanny ability to adapt.


Stand alert and welcome changes to your business model or vision, no matter how major or minor those may be. A little extra prep never hurt anybody.

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7. Surprise!

You conceive a new idea and bam… you want it implemented in the app. Ideas rarely have the tendency to stop popping up – altering the flow of the development process is a definite no-no and can really put an emergency brake on your mobile start-up’s progress.


Even though some changes are minor and can be added under certain circumstances, as long as the code does not need to be altered too heavily, we’re good.

However, most changes do require reworking the code, which is going to undesirably add to your development cycle. The developer’s already working under a lot of pressure, trying to meet the deadline – the last thing you want to do is add little “speed bumps” by asking them to throw in new features.

Here’s what I recommend: sit down with your developer and have an upfront and transparent conversation about what you want done with the app. Then discuss a list of possible features you may want implemented later on; ask the developer if it’s feasible or not to add them at any given point in the process.

8. Your Marketing Approach

Whatever promotional tactics or tools you incorporate, they must be transparent. Identifying your target audience is essential, so much so that your customers enjoy calling your app worthy, highly functional and fairly easy to use.


Marketing often turns out to be a lengthy and cumbersome process, much like development. You must ensure you have the promotional horsepower under the hood to execute tasks seamlessly.

There you go. There’s your basic checklist of things to avoid and how to get a handle on things from the very beginning. Get in touch with us to discuss your app development needs. In addition, we’d also love to know what you have to say on the subject; leave your comments below.

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