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We are now in New York City!

Location they say is very important especially in the media space so we’ve decided to relocate our headquarters to beautiful and vibrant New York City. The move was a calculated one with our clients in mind and future products in sight. It’s aimed at leveraging the location-based resources available in New York while still serving our global clients with the highest quality products and services.

With the move, we are now closer to 70% of our agency partners who we collaborate with on developing awesome applications and campaigns making campaign management much more easier. In addition, we are closer to a majority of our brand name clients that rely on us to maintain their applications across different platforms, supporting millions of users. This cuts down on support logistics for in-house training and maintenance updates for the brands.

With our core team of mobile and social software engineers in the New York office, our clients can now enjoy quick trips to New York to meet and discuss technical details about their projects and get immediate feedback. We’ve partnered with local hotels to provide discounted accommodation for client visiting to get their project started. Additionally, clients can schedule project demos in our office with investors and partners in attendance for a more persuasive presentation.Formerly occupied by our friends at Fab.com, the office is strategically located in the heart of New York City, in Midtown Manhattan, about 4 blocks from the famed Times Square and 4 blocks from Madison Square Garden and Penn Station. This gives our out-of-city clients accessibility options with the Lincoln Tunnel (linking New Jersey) being about 5-10 minutes drive from our location.

Cubix Labs is dedicated to providing cutting edge technology driven services to our 300+ clients in 30 countries all around the world. Our agile development process helps clients get their products to market in rocket speeds while enjoying the unmatched value that our creativity, experience and deep industry insight offers. Visit us today to find how we can help turbo charge your brands appeal online.

Udoka Mark Uzoka
CEO, Cubix Labs Inc.

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