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What iPhone 5 Developers Have to do To Stay in the Game

Iphone 5 App developersWith the advent of the new iPhone, there has been a lot of chatter on iOS app development. IPhone 5 developers are understandably intrigued by the larger form factor of Apple’s flagship phone. And they just can’t wait to update and retool their apps.

Before they dive headlong into making their apps iPhone 5 ready, there are some factors that should inform their development approach. This time around, doubling the pixel count just won’t cut it.iphone 5 appSo iPhone 5 developers. Charge your engines and pay attention to these live saving development tips:

  • For apps, make your user interface elements inherently stretchable. This one change can save you a lot of grief in the future. Your apps should get rid of the screen height attributes altogether. Opt for vertically stretchable layout code in your app so any unused screen space is not left unutilized.
  • Does your app incorporate list views? It does? That’s great because iPhone app developers report that any elements that have list views can automatically take advantage of the increased real estate of the iPhone 5.
  • Apple has removed Google Maps and replaced it with its own in-house Maps app. If your app supportsiPhone 5 development the Google Maps API, then perhaps it’s time to integrate Apple’s Maps API support in your apps as well. Incompatibilities may render your Geo-aware apps useless as a result so it’s best to make that change asap.
  • Video apps offer a 16:9 true widescreen functions. The 4.0 iPhone screen allows for a fantastic widescreen view. And that means video / streaming apps should reflect this change as well.
  • Gaming apps require more work. Huge graphical assets mean a more concerted push towards vector graphics design. IPhone Game Developers with a vector-based game development process will have no trouble updating their assets in the blink of an eye.

As an iPhone 5 developer, depending on what kind of apps you have, a tweak or two may suffice in most cases and in some cases it may take much more than that. If your are looking to make your app concepts ready for the iPhone 5 then give us a call at 866-978-2220 or click here to learn more our iPhone 5 Development Services.

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