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What is Mobile Monetization

What is Mobile MonetizationThe mobile apps market is offering developers more options than ever to maximize their profits easily. Mobile monetization is fast becoming an attractive option for firms to deploy their mobile apps in the marketplace. Mobile apps usage is growing at a steady rate and it is fast becoming the wave of the future.

Here’s how mobile monetization can help you rake in added revenue, provided you do it right.

If your app has killer functionality that people can’t live without, offer them a subscription model.

It’s true that users are willing to pay more for getting good service and added value for their money. However, the subscription rates should be nominal. A user that is satisfied for a longer period of time is better than the one who tries your app, looks at the high price and goes their merry way.

Apps such as Spotify and Shazam are some perfect examples of making your app focused on monetization aspects. Spotify and Pandora offer subscriptions to more music stations.

If your app happens to be an addictive game people just can’t get enough of, offer nice bonuses and in-app purchase options.

So you finally came up with an award-winning game formula that keeps people hooked? Congratulations, you can offer more options and gameplay redefining bonuses to your hardcore fans and casual players alike. New Levels, new abilities, and new powers – the options seem limitless.

It’s good to offer nice things for a small fee. However don’t go overboard and into the whole nickel-and-diming mindset. It puts people off.

You want more people to discover and use your apps so make your apps more social-media oriented.

If your apps have social media integration, it can serve as an additional promotion campaign. More people using your app meaning more people discovering it by way of social media. As a result, more people will be able to avail mobile monetization options in your app.

The easiest way to earn money if you want to offer your app for free? Display mobile ads.

So it’s true that you might not be willing to sell your apps for a price but you still want to make some money off it. Many developers incorporate mobile ads functionality in their free apps as this helps pay for development costs in no time.

As you can see, there are many ways to leverage mobile monetization options on smartphones and mobile devices alike. Mobile ads are poised to overtake desktop web browser ads by next year. There’s no time like the present for mobile app developers to rejoice.

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