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What You Should Know About Mobile App Development Cost?

So, what does it cost to develop a mobile app? That’s most of our customers ask us whenever they want us to quote for their app design & development project. It’s pretty much like asking how much does it cost to buy a car or construct a house. Well it depends upon what sort of a car you are buying or house you are constructing.

If you are buying a cool looking mini Volkswagen, it will cost a lot lesser than a Fast Ferrari. Similarly if you are buying a modest condo somewhere in Brooklyn, it will not cost you as an apartment in Manhattan, Right?

Same happens in the mobile application development costing; the price of designing and developing an app varies upon types of applications.

5 Basic Types of Mobile Applications:

Social Media type application development costFlipboard Mobile application development cost

  • Data-Driven Apps: The app having dynamic data means it’s either stored in a local database, or retrieves the data from an external pool. Examples: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Buffer, Flipboard.

Angry Birds type application development costCut the rope Mobile application development cost

  • Game Apps: Angry Birds is the best game app example. There are simple game apps like isometric games, and there are games with 2D & 3D complexities. Example: Temple run, Infinity Blade, Subway Surfers.

instagram type application development costVoice recorder application development cost

  • Device Apps: These apps simplify functions of the phone, such as the alarm, camera, or flash, and make it better. Instagram is an amazing example of device apps that helps iPhone and Android phone in image filtering and sharing.

Calendar type application development costCalculator Mobile application development cost

  • Bespoke Functionality Apps: It’s an application developed specifically to your custom requirements and is particularly used when there is no ‘off the shelf’ alternative available. For example, Calendar, Calculator and Contacts

Linkedin type application development costGoogle Plus Mobile application development cost

  • Custom Utility Apps: These are apps that are geared towards allowing the user to input content in a specific way. Examples are Linkedin, BranchOut, Glassdoor.

Mobile Application Development Cost Factors:

Scale of the Project: The bigger and complex app development projects require more time, analysis, effort and integration. This means that bigger the project, bigger the cost will be.

OS Versions: There are several versions of iOS and Android OS. Limiting the testing of your Android or an iPhone app to the latest OS version can substantially reduce development cost, but restricting to a latest OS can make some users experience bugs according to mobile devices they have.

Independent App Developer Or A Company: Usually app developers work on hourly rate that starts from $50/hour to $200/hour. In comparison, app development companies pitch a fixed quote. Although independent app developers are cheap but hiring a professional app development company can give you an edge of experience & a guarantee of ROI.

Mobile Application Exclusivity: if there is shortage in development funds, sometimes the developers uses app templates to save money. But unique design and experience is essential part of a winning mobile application, so it is always recommended to have a custom app design because it can also copy-right protect.

Design & Source Code: When you hire an application developer, there is a chance that they will charge you extra for graphic and design of the app. Sometimes developers also charges for source code as it’s the only way to create changes in application. If you hire a company, the quote of application development cost includes design cost and source code rights.

Warranty and Maintenance: Mobile apps usually go out in market with a beta version, which needs maintenance and support to rectify problems. The mobile application development company always give a warranty of their work, but they also provide a after sales service & maintenance for a period of 6 months. Independent app developers charges extra in that case.

Mobile Application Development Cost According to its Types:

App Development Cost

Simple Apps: $10,000 – $49,999 – TechCrunch did a survey involving 124 developers whose development cost averaged $29,000. The author Alex Ahlund also mentioned that if they counted all the personal time invested by the owner, this figure would be five to ten times.

Moderate Complexity Apps: $50,000 – $199,999 – The application made for the president of America, Barack Obama reportedly took almost 23 days to get completed, and the cost was around $100,000. Database apps and medium complex game apps usually cost in this area, creating the logic within the app and architecting all the usability or game play.

Complex Apps: Up to to $400,000 – Mostly high-end gaming applications like Angry Birds costs up to $200K-$300K (although they were the first to enter in gaming apps). Game app source code includes (render, sound, maths, physics, etc). The gyroscope feature (just for the code) in racing games costs upto $125,000. 2D and 3D games are becoming very popular in application market because of their ROI and that is the reason behind higher cost of development.


In early days of the app store, you didn’t see huge companies creating apps for hundreds of thousands of dollars, and releasing the apps with the backing of a big marketing budget. You had independent developers cobbling together apps on their own, and occasionally making huge amounts of money.

The ironic thing is that while apps have become way more expensive to develop over time, the prices of the apps are still at their initial plateau of 0.99$, but as the Smartphone users crossed the 1 billion mark last year, mobile applications are becoming a good business.

Adoption of mobile in different industries like retail, healthcare, finance, automobile, real-estate and media publishing is rapidly growing, creating opportunities for businesses to get to their consumer pockets – on the go.

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