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Which Mobile OS is Enterprise-Friendly – iOS or Android?

ios Enterprise App DevelopmentAndroid devices are a fit with everyday consumers, at least in terms of volume. When it comes to the enterprise, iOS is king.

We take a detailed look at this phenomenon.

A Factual Look

Even though two-thirds of all smartphones bought are Android-powered in nature, iOS is the enterprise leader.
One reason for this state of affairs is that iOS devices are considered high-end and more secure than their Android counterparts. Enterprise users have always preferred high-end devices – a category that Apple Inc. exclusively caters to. Android on the other hand caters to all market segments. But this trend is changing. And here’s why.

Why Android needs some Enterprise Love

Its all in the numbers. According to IDC, a recent research states that about 15.1 million Android smartphones were bought to work by staff in 2012. This number is poised to double in 2013.

With so many office staff adopting Android with respect to the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend, corporations have no option but to take notice and make necessary changes.

Not only is Android cost-effective, its sheer customizability makes it an asset for enterprise mobility.

Kevin Leypoldt, IS director at Structural Integrity Associates had this to say about Android’s enterprise-readiness – “It’s already a real option. As the Android operating system continues to evolve as a solid contender in the mobile space, it’s only going to become more popular and used in business because of its growing popularity from an end-user perspective.”

Some Bottlenecks Remain

The Android OS has one big problem – software fragmentation. Almost half of the Android devices run the 2 year old Gingerbread version (2.3) whereas the latest Jelly Bean update (4.2) is installed on 18% of the devices till now.
“It would be beneficial to reduce the number of versions of Android and to have some better quality control for apps. However, current experience is proving that for IT business needs Android devices are a strong choice,” stated Michael Woodford, executive director of IT technical services USANA Health Sciences.enterprise mobile development companySocial Cubix is an enterprise mobile development company, for more information contact us at 866-978-2220

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