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Why All Casinos Need To Go Mobile – Best Practices

Playing casino games online is not something that’s unheard of. We’ve been doing it for several years now, though the days of having to download casino software first on your PC, are long gone.

Mobile app developers have indeed taken big strides to ensure playing games online is fun, instant and accessible in every way.

The Time is Now

Whether you’re a large or small casino business owner, there is little reason not to go mobile. Convenience really matters in today’s fast-paced lifestyles around which folks like to mold their priorities and entertainment time.


Gamers are actually choosing mobile devices over practically everything else, even though they have access to a perfectly good laptop or desktop PC. They generally love having a sense of freedom. The very thought that you can play your favorite game anywhere, conveniently, is reason enough to want to fire it up and get in a few hours of entertainment. Your mobile device is your very own gateway to a world of fun and interactive entertainment.

If you’re not already on the casino mobile app boat, you are seriously undermining your business in the long haul. Mobile casinos have major potential to build strong and long-term bonds between your business and players. Why pass up on better online visibility and higher brand loyalty?

Let’s be completely frank here: if your online visibility is poor, you are going to get left in the dust, plain and simple. Being mobile-friendly means pulling some strings to ensure your casino app is up to the standards. Take some of these vital components into consideration before releasing your app.

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It’s in the Backbone


At any given time, you could be dealing with a fairly large amount of players overpowering the backend platforms. You need to have a solid one in place that allows you to offer scalable games – one that almost guarantees consistent performance irrespective of the amount of players hogging your servers.

The Wonderful Possibilities of 3G/4G


Mobile casino games online, especially the really great ones out there, are optimized for 3G and 4G networks; why not take advantage of this great technology to cut down on stream delays, speed up page load time as well as activity indicators?

Live Dealer is a good example of a product that’s evolving based on 3G/4G technology.

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Zero Downtime

Adept players must make decisions quickly in the middle of a game – a great UX design will have ways for cutting down lost time. Think about staying in line with the conventional casino experience: allow players to place bets during every spin in Roulette. Essentially, a Live Dealer game round should not go over a minute.

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Non-complicated UI


Clean navigation and high response speed should be at the pinnacle of your casino app development. Slow software response, or tabs not being the right size can agitate players unnecessarily – the last thing you want is them flooding your competitor’s servers. Keep user retention at the forefront as you design the UI.

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