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Why All SMEs Should Invest in Mobile Apps – Hard Facts

To kick things off, here’s an interesting fun fact for you:

As of early this year, 82% SMEs (small to medium enterprises) leading in terms of mobile adoption claim that due to mobile technologies they are finding it easier to reach out to customers. 60% mobile leaders say investing in mobile tech is a high business priority for them, in contrast to only 15% among mobile laggards.

Mobile leaders also say as much as 50% of business searches by customers are done through mobile devices. Today, some of the fastest growing and leading businesses adopt mobile technologies, among which are SMEs.

The in-depth BCG study also revealed that leading mobile adoption SMEs successfully integrated their mobile platforms with enterprise applications, thereby further cementing customer relationships, since it allowed them greater transparency along every phase of production.

in-depth BCG study

These facts are sure to turn more than a few heads:

  • SMEs were responsible for driving worldwide mobile payments up to $603 billion in 2014 – as opposed to $210 billion in 2010. A study done by Juniper Research recently sheds light on how mobile payment solutions are responsible for empowering SMEs to be efficient, responsive and agile in terms of winning customers over.
  • SMEs adopting mobile technologies saw better connections with customers and streamlined operations as a result, while enjoying a 2x gain in revenue and creating 8x more jobs compared to laggard SMEs who were slow to adopt the trend.
  • Mobile apps generated $530 billion in global revenues dating back to just last year while mobile device sales through retail touched a sky-high $520 billion. OEM mobile device sales stood at $450 billion.
  • Venture capital funding in mobile tech increased by 100% from 3.8% in 2010 to 7.9% in 2014.

You can find the full report in this article.

So, the question that begs to be asked: do you want to be among the top-tier mobile leaders or out-of-touch mobile laggards?

Key Takeaways:

Tap into Your Creative Juices

Even though you’ll see many companies putting thought-provoking creativity and time into developing their apps, they often don’t promote it as extensively. In all honesty, even the best app is as good as the promotion allows it to be. What approach should you take as an SME?

Start with infusing app promotional strategies into your present marketing strategy; insert a banner on your web page, speak about the app in PR events, have it inserted even in your offline marketing materials if you have any. You could also invest in a little advertising and let the pros work their magic.

It’s Not Just About Downloads

Once you get users downloading your app, the next hurdle is to determine how they will keep using it in future. Promoting and fine-tuning mobile user engagement starts right after download and a well-devised push notification and content strategy will ensure you are among the top-tier SMEs.

Actively acquiring feedback and making continuous optimizations is also a part of the process.

Fully-equip Your Workforce

Why not build an app that collects and reports specific data – sales numbers for example. Your staff doesn’t need to and usually don’t to sit through long mind-numbing meetings. Use the app to get everybody reporting in with regards to their performance or any concerns they may have.

Apps can also help you assign specific tasks as you’re on the go; delegate jobs to the right people, who’ll get right on the case at a moment’s notice.

Why waste any opportunities to make your business more productive? Boost the efficiency of administrative tasks, communicate faster with your staff and compliment your promotional efforts on Facebook and Twitter.

Stay connected

Small business owners should really take advantage of apps as they can provide noticeably richer functionality relative to connecting with web-based only customers on a tablet or mobile device.

For example, through an app, customers can make use of their mobile device’s mic/camera function and take in the experience via swiping and taps, exchange date between themselves and the app provider. And the real icing on the cake is all this works great offline too. In contrast, web-based solutions rely on a good always-on internet connection to be effective.

Go Viral with Video

Everybody loves watching videos, particularly mobile app users. Showcase and highlight key features of your app in a video. You might spark viral downloads in the process.

For instance, you could use video within the app features page on Google Play to allow users to try out your app before they download or purchase it. They will instantly have a keen understanding of how it might benefit them, which will naturally compel them more to engage with your brand.

Final Thoughts
Start developing a solid mobile presence through an app to better engage your customers and build meaningful, long-term connections with them.

Hire the expertise of an app developer to have your enterprise app designed to exact specifications.

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