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Why Android is the obvious choice?

Big announcement has been made at an invite only breakfast held at San Francisco. Sundar Pichai, Senior VP of Google and Chrome declared that there are now 1 million apps at Google play. Not only does that make Android a more popular platform for Smartphone but it takes the lead for sporting more apps than the Apple store.

It could be a possibility that Apple too could have crossed over that milestone, only that Google announced it first.

The growth projections for Android taking the lead against apple iOS were predicted earlier this year.

Some other important stats declare that a staggering 50 billion applications have been downloaded in the Play Store, from 20 billion as reported last year.

All eyes on Android? Yes, goes without saying, here we review top 5 most popular Android apps that have made this operating system the obvious choice amongst Smartphone users.

5.Angry Gran Run:


She’s old a total sweetheart but on fire! This is a visually appealing racing game developed by Ace Viral which has apparently seen one of the highest downloads on the Android App countdown. The plot is: Granny dear, has been locked away in the angry asylum and she needs your assistance to guide her through the streets. The fun bit is she’s fast and agile, running and jumping, sliding through crazy obstacles in this endless running game. Not just that you get to pimp up her look too by buying new costumes, changing her from zombie Gran to 70`s Hippie Gran. Best part? The Granny can perform stunts too! Don’t you wish your granny was hot like her? Don’t you?



Learning a new language was never THIS fun before. Your language teacher may be a visual treat but when it comes to true learning this app can be most effective. With DuoLingo you could learn Spanish, German, French, Italian or even Portuguese. The way this app works is highly amusing. Users get to select a word and need to match it with an image that best describes the word. On guessing correctly, you get to win hearts and add stars to your linguistic skills! Voila!



Ever wanted to have your own customized radio station that archives your favorite music according to band, favorite artist or song? Well, wait no longer as Pandora Box functions as your own customized internet radio! It’s a great app to discover new music through genres and artists! Best part is you get to hone in your skills as a music archivist where your profile can be made public too!

2.Restraurant Story- Summer:


If decorating interiors ever came across your interests, this app can actually help enhance your potential. Restaurant Story-Summer is a virtual game developed by TeamLava Games, where the players get to design and build the eat-out of their dreams! Be it, customizing menus, inviting friends to set up their shop next doors or giving themes to your décor. Not only can you upgrade your dishes and decorations. This app gives you the expertise to become an interior specialist!

1.Fix My Car:


Supposing you know nothing about cars but were curious about solving car issues through a game? Then get your hands on this! A lite version App that you can purchase at a nominal cost. This gets you to discover car parts using objects that can help fix your car. It also auto saves your each move and stage as you go along so you undo a step or chill out when you need a break!

Above apps and their popularity have made many choose Android. Good news is that SocialCubix is an absolute pro and one of the pioneers when it comes to Android App development. Contact our experts if you have a dream app in mind. Here we not only develop the Android App of your dreams but help you make it even better!

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