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Why Businesses need an iPhone (Mobile) App

Business iPhone DevelopersThe world is dominated by the smartphone industry. In addition to telecommunication, smartphones embrace the world of micro-computing – many software programs, games and websites (such as YouTube and Google) have been transformed into applications, which allow users to watch movies, listen to music, perform various business tasks and be in touch with the online world while on the go.

After broadening the iPhone’s distribution to include Verizon and Sprint, Apple announced that they had sold over 37 million iPhones in the final quarter of 2011. So far this year, 43 percent of smartphones purchased in the US were iPhones. Accordingly, countless businesses have realized the value of developing high quality mobile apps for Apple’s iOS. Here are several key benefits of creating an iPhone app:

Reach Millions of Potential Customers

There was a time when many businesses went door to door with marketing pamphlets, or spent significant amounts of money for a small advertisement in a local newspaper. Today, thanks to the iPhone, all you need to do is create an interesting and functional app that people will download and use. This can generate extra revenue and attract the attention of a staggering number of potential customers.

Save on Marketing Costs

Companies often spend thousands of dollars to publish advertisements on digital and print platforms. A mobile app, however, may cost only a fraction of this amount and a good app can reach a virtually unlimited number of users. Just one efficient app will save a significant amount of money to reach many more people.

Earn Extra Revenue with an App that Sells Well

Apple has a great platform for businesses and developers to earn a substantial amount of revenue from any app that is purchased and downloaded. Apart from receiving great promotion for your business, extra revenue is good for any company. There are many businesses that have earned remarkable revenue on top of achieving significant exposure thanks to their fantastic games and apps.

Be Part of a Technological Revolution

The world is consistently evolving into a technological dreamland. From mainframes to home computers to laptops, today is the dawn of the smartphone and tablet era. This current trend emphasizes micro-computing and managing business operations from small portable devices. Unless businesses can keep up with technological evolution, they are likely to fall behind the competition and lose thousands of potential customers. Branded AppsBuild a Strong Brand

An app doesn’t just give your business an edge over the competition, it also helps you strengthen your brand. People who enjoy using your app will recommend it to their friends via social networks. They will also start exploring other dimensions of your business and develop a unique bond with your company, relating with the products you offer because they have already experienced your quality services through that wonderful app. This builds brand loyalty and leads to powerful brand development.

Remember you can build a strong brand power only if the app you build is credible enough. A poor app is actually detrimental to your company’s image. Social Cubix is a leading iPhone application development company. We can help you get your application off the ground and headed in the right direction. Call us at 866-978-2220 for more information.

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