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Why You Absolutely Need an App to Represent Your Business

It’s time. It’s time to seriously consider building a unique app that compliments your brand and its vision.

You must be thinking: “Aren’t mobile apps solely for big shot business brands like Walmart or Starbucks?” Well, you need to get out of that mindset, and fast. Today, more small to medium businesses are jumping on the mobile bandwagon, fathoming the positive effects it has on company image and long-term prospects.

A good mobile marketing strategy entails a lot more than just having a pro-mobile website. Interact with a number of small businesses today and you’ll soon discover many of them have designed their own unique mobile app, whether it’s your neighborhood coffee shop or downtown beauty salon. These rather humble businesses are actually way ahead of the curve when we talk sound marketing strategy.

Need more solid reasoning? Well, here are top seven reasons to go down this route sooner than later.

1. Direct Line of Sight

You gotta love apps: they can provide highly useful everyday info – prices, search features, booking forms, messengers, user accounts, news feeds etc. An obvious benefit of having a unique business mobile app is that customers get to have all relevant information including promotions and special sales at their fingertips.

Push notifications are probably the best way of getting direct and quick responses from customers. They also serve as a reminder about what customers might be missing out in terms of services or products, if they don’t act fast.

2. Added Value

Got a loyalty program in the works? Why not digitize it? Ditch the point-collection card and empower your customers to acquire rewards through your app. What does this mean for you? Higher repeat customers, and even more downloads than before.

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3. Improved Visibility

Thanks to several statistics, you’re probably aware by now that the average US smartphone user spends at least two hours or more each day on his/her mobile device. Even though only a select few apps are used on a daily basis, we must not overlook the fact that every time a user unlocks, scrolls or swipes on their device, they are going to subconsciously come across images or text from other apps. Your app could be among those.

Even though they may not interact with your app directly, the chances of them opening it in the coming sessions are higher. Think of how you can have catchy icons and images for your app, or text that coaxes users to pay attention. If not in the current session, they will eventually open your app the next time they unlock their phone.

4. Better Brand Awareness

Try to see your mobile app as a plain billboard sign; you have the freedom to do anything you want with it; make it stylish and hip or make it more functional and informative. You could even have a mix of both. The idea here is to create an app boasting features your customers will absolutely adore. It should ooze with your branding style, along with a beautiful and eye-catching design.

The more often your customers use your app, the higher their inclination will be to load up on your products and services. In advertising, we refer to this as effective frequency: customers seeing or hearing about your brand at least 20 times is what gets you noticed and compels them to relate to you and form a relationship. This is a good rule of thumb to go by.

5. Get a Leg up on the Competition

Even though small businesses are starting to realize the sheer benefits of having a brand-exclusive app, many are still not on board completely. This is your chance to wow customers with a unique app. For one thing, you’ll amaze them with your forward-thinking early-bird-gets-the-worm approach.

6. Better Customer Engagement

It doesn’t matter what product or service your business revolves around. Your customers should be able to easily reach you anytime, anywhere. Why not have a help desk-like feature integrated in your app to really help communicate better with customers?

OpenTable actually based their entire business model on this approach. Rather than call restaurants to book a table, you can book it using your smartphone in less than five clicks. Brilliant! Can you imagine the number of customers who would much rather prefer to contact you on the go, via text, as opposed to stopping to make a phone call?

7. See Your Customer Loyalty Grow

Building a good mobile app can do a thing or two for your customer loyalty. When you think about it, there’s so much noise in the air – billboards and roadside banners, newspaper and magazine ads, flyers, websites, coupons, Facebook ads… it’s a never-ending list. What you do not want to do is bombard customers through so many advertisement mediums; somewhere down the line you’re desired impact will eventually frizzle out.

Go back to the drawing board and make a true and human connection with your user base. Make them fall in love with your brand – push these advertisement mediums to the back and shift your focus to mobile. Hey, maybe an app may not immediately give you the projected results or give you an advantage over your competitors in the short run, but it will definitely bring you closer to your users. It really pays to be just a fingertip away.

Where to Go From Here

Now you need to get to work; you can either hire app developers or bring your in-house development team up to speed.

Alternatively, you could also rely on a great app builder like BuildFire – no worries, no nothing as far as technicalities go.

You’re going to see yourself very soon how emerging businesses will incorporate a brand mobile app by default. Take a stance today, and see your business flourish, thanks to a solid foundation.

We hope you found this read inspiring and insightful. Get in touch with our mobile dev team to discuss more.

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