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Why You Need Mobile Marketing to Get Your Sports Team in the Spotlight

They say information is power, and indeed, the faster you circulate any given information, the quicker you can see your business grow and reap the fruits of your labor.

Mobile Apps are taking over just about any industry by storm. Need to spread the word on a little something? Need some of your everyday tasks or priorities taken care of? Enter the world of Mobile.

Broaden Your Strategic Goals

Sports teams have cashed in on mobile marketing big time. It’s a potent tool team managers and coaches use to engage fans on a much more personalized level, be it at the playing field or the rest of the season. If you happen to be in sports marketing, it goes without saying how this communication medium can change the way your team is perceived and loved.


This revolution is certainly not unheard of. The real benefit lies in knowing how to effectively use mobile marketing to broaden your strategic goals.

Before we delve into the wonderfully convenient world of Mobile, let’s take a look at some statistics:

-          More than 5 billion of the world’s population are using mobile phones

-          Smartphone usage is growing at an alarming rate, by as much as 3 times compared to conventional mobile phones

-          As of this year, 7 billion devices are now online

-          Well over 500 million Smartphones have been shipped so far

-          Today relatively more people access the internet from a Smart or mobile phone rather than a desktop PC or laptop

Boosting Rankings and Fandom

One popular sport Apps that lets you in on all upcoming games and events for any sport is THUUZ. You get alerts about what game is on, as well as where and when to watch it. Very handy for on the go sports fans who can’t get to a TV. You even get the scoop on the latest developments like game changers, amazing plays or injuries.

How exactly do sports Apps help boost rankings and fandom? Let’s start with stats, the lifeline of any sport. Many apps feature live stats feeds which help fans keep a check on their favorite game. Your typical sports App will have real-time stats feed which usually comes in JSON or XML format. STATS is a very well-known stats provider that plays host to some of the most popular sports sites – Yahoo! Sports is one of their clients.


Just imagine – as a diehard fan of your favorite sport, wouldn’t you love to get instant news and updates sent right to that little device tucked away in your pocket?

There’s absolutely no denying how mobile marketing is here to stay and dominate. Each year more folks take the plunge and switch from their laptops and PCs to Smartphones.

Why wait for your competitors to take the top spot in the industry? Stay ahead of the pack and start planning how you’re going to integrate mobile apps into your business strategy . Think about how your fans would love to interact and stay in touch with their favorite teams and sports personalities.

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