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Why You Need to be on SAAS Irrespective of Your Business Model

If you’re not already aware of this, then you ought to be: SAAS, also known as Software-as-a-service or Software-in-the-cloud is becoming a widely popular choice for a range of businesses, including small to medium enterprises (SME).

Let’s discuss why this trend has become so popular for businesses which use it to offer a diverse variety of applications delivered through the cloud.

Key Benefits – SAAS


Nowadays, it makes little practical sense to have all your precious data stored on conventional media only. When you have a robust SAAS-system in place, you are effectively eliminating the need to purchasing, building, setting up and maintaining hardware as well as software needed to store all your business-related data.

Rather than installing your applications on a big, expensive server, you can subscribe to applications and services on the cloud which rely on a shared infrastructure. Just imagine the cost-effectiveness and practicality.


SAAS delivers high practical savings for a number of reasons. For one, your IT guys no longer needs to worry about any upfront purchasing costs and installation or those associated with maintenance/upgrades.

The very nature of SAAS is based on a pay-as-you-go model – you only pay for what’s needed without “over provisioning” for services/hardware needed for more demanding work during peak hours.

You no longer need to make any long-term spending commitments since you’re IT spending works on an operating expenditure principle rather than capital expenditure. Small businesses in particular enjoy the ability to access enterprise-level software which may have been otherwise out of reach, financially.


Think of not only the money but the time you’ll be saving – using many SAAS applications simply means a browser connected online with log-in details ready, that’s it!

Time is also saved by not having to carry out any maintenance tasks or application upgrades along with its hardware, since all of it is taken care of from the SAAS provider’s end.


If you’ve ran any kind of business long enough in this tech age, you’re probably aware of the cumbersome process of moving from one version of the application to another; a difference in version can often introduce compatibility issues between users. A waste of highly valuable time as you can imagine.

On SAAS applications, you log in to a service that’s (by default) upgraded for each and every user.


The plethora of options and flexibility SAAS offers are hard to ignore. Since the vendor is hosting the software, changing parameters like the number of individuals using the service or how frequently each individual uses the service, can be done quite easily and without any advance notice as such.

Another major benefit is subscribers can conveniently connect from any location whatsoever.

Straightforward Use

Using SAAS applications requires no formal training as such – as long as you’re adept at using an internet browser (and just about everybody is), the learning curve isn’t steep at all. You can get right into it and kick your productivity into high gear.

The Latest Features

The way it works with conventional software is that you need to make your way up to the best version with often laborious upgrade processes. On SAAS, new features are on offer right away.

No longer do your IT people need to carry out a complete migration to the latest software, which in some cases, can take months or even years. The vendor takes care of all this. Just log in, and the newest features are waiting to greet you.

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SAAS Solutions Cannot be Underestimated


In a nutshell, the many advantages SAAS boasts are:

  • Little to no up-front costs
  • Value-based cost (according to number of accounts)
  • No hardware/software license required to purchase
  • No maintenance required, hardware or software
  • Enhancements and upgrades provided automatically
  • No long-term contracts needed
  • Centralized system that can be accessed by any registered user from anywhere

Today, SAAS is considered the ultimate technology model for driving and delivering innovation in businesses. It’s also going quite strong in enterprises. Many top companies like Google, Salesforce and Microsoft are already capitalizing on its benefits and ease-of-use.

It appears SAAS will remain a dominating cloud-based force of the future. Small businesses can particularly benefit by focusing more of their time and energy on core objectives and aligning them with their corporate goals, rather than constantly trying to weed out IT challenges to keep their business model robust.

Let us know about your experience with SAAS as a business owner. And don’t hesitate to contact our mobile app developers to discuss any app development projects you may have planned.

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