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Why your App isn’t selling well?

The app world is fiercely competitive. Scores of companies and independent app developers aspire to acquire many users and gain public attention, but an alarming number of them fall short of their creator’s expectations. Such an inability to keep up with the competition may be a result of several factors that range from an ineffective marketing approach to neglecting to perform adequate tests before launching the app. Here’s a quick review of five of the most common obstacles to an app’s success.

1) Bugs in the App:
Did you perform a quality assurance test before officially launching the app? If not, you should not expect your app to see remarkable sales, especially if another existing app offers a similar product without the bugs. Developers are often so excited near the end of the app creation process that they don’t bother putting it through a quality assurance check, or even a trial test on a mobile platform before they launch.

2) An Uncomfortable User Interface:
People can be quite finicky when it comes to an app’s user interface. They would generally prefer a simple and straightforward interface to one that is flashy and complicated. The simpler the interface, the easier it is for a user to install and add to their app collection. There are hundreds of apps that offer great functionality but cannot attract users because of their poor interface design or an unattractive display picture.

3) Poor Marketing Strategies :
Simply launching a great app is not enough to guarantee its success. An extensive marketing strategy can spread word of your app to local and international customers. Launch a blog or write articles about your latest app and market it using popular sites. If you have the cash, you can even start a PPC campaign and get banners of your product whirling all over the web.

4) Poor Social Media Integration :
Social media is the platform that can reach a virtually unlimited audience, provided it is used appropriately and efficiently. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are some of the most effective social websites for promoting apps. When the correct demographics are targeted, there is almost no limit to the traffic social media can create.

5) Lack of User Reviews:
User reviews build credibility, increase awareness of your app and help convince potential new users that your app is worth the download and installation time. Request a review or a rating from those who have used your app.

Addressing all of these potential problems before launching an app may save a great deal of time and countless headaches. Likewise, seeking the assistance of a professional app development service like Social Cubix should resolve these issues and any other obstacles that may arise in your app’s path to success.

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