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Will Social Media replace Search Engines?

Believe it or not, there was once upon a time where we had no Google… we still had search engines, but none had the popularity of Google today. Search Engine Optimization consisted of seeing how many keywords we could stuff on the page, and it worked wonders. Then Google came in to existence and it changed everything. Google revolutionized the internet niche to great extent and completely evolved the SEO platform. The reliance of Google on links, anchor text and other optimizing elements gave us a new direction to work toward.

These links served as a label of trust provided by Google to its users. The links were references; they were actually telling Google’s the users what that page was all about.Nowadays, social media is shaping up to serve that same purpose. Trust, references and identity are integral parts of the Social Media platform.

These have been the driving force of Social Media. The occurring deals between Search engines like Google and Bing with the Social Media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are signaling that change is on its way. The major factor that seems to be behind this revolution is the great interaction and involvement of the people, around the globe, who are using social media.

People heavily rely on their friends’ recommendations. Nearly 80% of the people who use social media platforms will be the fans of the pages which were recommended by their friends. These recommendations are beginning to replace the search engine picks. Search engines are already geared up to find their own niche in the world of social media. It all signals to one and only one thing: Social Media is growing with burgeoning influence and will serve us as search engines have served us in the past.

Signs of Social Media Influence:

Facebook Rules
The numbers of daily users who visit their Facebook have surpassed those who visit the Google homepage.

Twitter Integration
Twitter remains as a major source of information after Google and Bing have integrated Twitter into their search results. You will be seeing the Twitter updates in search results marked under “Breaking News” or “Current Results”, ring a bell?

Customized Search
These days, you get the search results based on “individual search inclinations”. In fact, Google uses your web search history to figure out what you really want and deliver it to you. This might be the biggest change in Google’s move towards personalized search.

Personally, this one was really astonishing. The functionality of “Sidewiki” would be revealing the strongest sign of how Social Media will shape-shift the face of search engines and take the primacy on their own in near future.

Online Reputation Management
The recent surge of Online Reputation Management tells another story of how Social Media will control the game. The services provided by ORM firms actually address the social aspects and provide a helping hand to companies in managing and addressing the social search results.

What does it all mean?
It means that norms are changing as they always have. People’s trust is the deciding factor of the transformation in any technology. People want to have directed interactions with whatever they get online; they feel enticed to comment on what they read.

They want to read and comment where they are connected to a larger community.

Naturally, we are being transformed into social creatures not only in real life but virtually too. Like any other marketing tool, Social media is not perfect. But, the credibility and trust of users with viral engagement is what matters now.

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