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Your iOS 8 Tips and Tricks Treasure Chest

Apple’s iOS 8 release late last year did nicely to whet the appetite. The release saw a host of subtle changes, albeit new features that have proved very useful.

Let’s uncover a few iOS 8 extras to help you get the most out it.

Selfie Timer


The iOS 8 Camera app now brings a timer at along last. The 3 or 10-second option gives you just enough time to get into the right position or pose before the shot’s taken.

Launch the app – tap the timer and set the time interval according to taste. Select Burst Mode along with the timer and it snaps 10 consecutive shots so you can choose which one stands out the best.

Delete Photos Permanently


The Recently Deleted folder simply hides your photos. Can you delete them permanently? Yessiree Bob, you most certainly can!

Even though you don’t physically see the files you “recently deleted”, they can still be recovered and even detected by the auto-upload cloud service. To really get rid of a file for good, locate the Recently Deleted Folder, select the file you want gone and tap Delete.

Next, check your cloud service and delete it from there. All done.

Switch Predictive Text Off Permanently


Windows Phone and Android users have had predictive text for years. However, iOS 8 introduces this for the first time.

Apple says the QuickType feature works on a self-learning principle where it studies your writing style and predicts what you’re about to write. Based on this, the feature evolves over time. Some of you might find this annoying and prefer extra screen space while typing in iMessage or Word for example.

To switch it off, go to Settings à General à Keyboard and select ‘Off’. Do this and you will no longer see word selection on the virtual keyboard.

Locate Battery Draining Apps


There’s no need to recharge your iPhone more frequently than necessary. After all, it’s an iPhone!

Some of your apps might be hogging the battery and iOS 8 can help you track down the guilty ones. Locate Settings à General à Usage à Battery Usage; a list shows you which apps have been using the most battery power over the last 24 hours or seven days.

Use Touch ID Integration


There’s more to the touch ID security feature than just unlocking your iPhone 5 (and above) in iOS 8.

Amazon, iPassword, Evernote and other apps got an update to make use of Touch ID integration, effectively replacing PIN codes and passwords.

Simply go into the chosen app’s settings and turn it on.

That’s Not All Folks!

To round things off nicely, here are some additional tricks you may be unaware of:

  • Enjoy shopping on your iOS device through Safari? At one point the app asks for your credit card number – there’s an option above the keyboard called “Scan Credit Card”. Tap it and take a snap of your card with your phone’s camera; the credit card number gets added automatically.
  • While using Safari, if you wish to request the desktop site as opposed to the mobile one, tap on the URL and swipe it down only a little. You can now tap “Request Desktop Site”.
  • Anybody’s who’s watched the Mission Impossible movies want to do this: the ability to send self-destructing video and audio messages. Just go to Setting à Messages and tap Audio/Video Messages. Select the duration after which the message “self destructs”. The default setting is two minutes, but you can alter this right up to eternity.
  • While using the Messages app, if you feel like sending more than a few photos, tap “Photo Library” and highlight the videos and images to be attached. Now you can send them all in one bunch.

Got any iOS 8 tricks up your sleeve that we didn’t mention? Leave your comments below.

You can also talk to our iPhone dev team to discuss app crafting or other app related stuff in general.

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