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Zuckerberg’s First Interview Post IPO Fiasco

Zuckerberg at TechCrunch Disrupt on FacebookEver since the fail of Facebook’s IPO, Mark Zuckerberg avoided the limelight. Now that the IPO fiasco has cooled down, Mark finally gives his first interview on Tuesda at the TechCrunch Disrupt Conference in San Fransico. Faced with questions regarding the IPO, Mark finally accepts that, “the performance of the stock has been disappointing.”

Speaking of Facebook’s mobile success, he says, “Over the next 3-5 years the question that’s on everyone’s mind is going to be how well we do with mobile..6 months ago, we didn’t run a single ad on mobile. It’s easy for people to underestimate how good mobile is for us.” This statement highlights important concerns of industry experts on Facebook’s mobile strategy – if it could possibly and would make money from mobile users.

Zuck however is optimistic about making money from mobile as he says, “More people have phones than PCs, giving an advantage in terms of sheer numbers, he said. And people engage with the service more frequently on their phones than on PCs. We already see mobile users are more likely to be daily active users. We think we’re going to make more money on mobile than on desktop.” While Facebook is run majorly on mobile devices (with the iPhone 5 supporting a built-in Facebook app), Facebook needs to get on its money making strategies quick if it needs to get a hand of the market.

Talking about Facebook’s absence from mobile platforms for some time, Zuckerberg says, “I think the biggest mistake we made as a company was betting on HTML 5 instead of native,”. Because the network focused solely on web technology, their mobile strategy faced a downfall – but all is not lost and Facebook can still make a definite hit on the mobile market, especially with its official app launch on the latest iOS and Android OS platforms. This should be good news for Facebook application developers as now their apps can have direct access to user’s mobiles instead of a mere web browser that would diminish the power of an application.

Highlight the growing trend of Facebook search and that too on mobile phones, Zuckerberg says, “I know there’s a big opportunity there and we just need to go and do that.

Finally cooling down rumors of a Facebook branded smartphone, he says, “It’s so clearly the wrong strategy for us. Facebook has 950 million users. Even if 20 million people bought a Facebook phone, that would barely move the needle in terms of serving its audience. We’re going in the opposite direction. We want to build a system that’s as deeply integrated as possible into every device people use.”

So with all these statements, Facebook surely is moving towards a massive mobile strategy and in doing so will only enhance its reach and bring in more productivity. For Facebook app developers, this is nothing short of the opening of heaven’s gates.

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