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Social Cubix has been developing apps that leverage the power of QR codes.

They can be used to share direct links to products, services, media, etc. Not only that but QR Codes are integrated into apps to build entire communities, mobilize fans and initiate viral campaigns and promotions as well. Our mobile app developers craft iPhone, Android, BlackBerry & Windows Phone apps with integrated QR codes that do all of the above and more.

For a business, no matter how large or small it is, QR codes present a cost-effective and efficient way of redirecting potential customers to your products and services seamlessly. Any smartphone with a camera can scan strategically placed QR codes in posters, banners, packaging etc. for maximum effect. Your smartphone goes everywhere with you and a well-placed QR code in malls, streets, community centers, recreation areas can help advertise your wares more intimately.

We at Social Cubix understand the technical as well as the business aspect of apps. With QR codes, we give our clients and customers the means to engage with the everyday consumer in a hassle-free way. The next time your customers need to arrive at answers quickly, a mobile app with QR code functions is exactly what you need to hit the ground running.

Want to get potential customers intrigued about your new mystery product? Get yourself a perfectly crafted mobile app from the creative developers at Social Cubix today.

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