Social Cubix is a premier Android game developer and one of the largest mobile game development houses in Northern America by project and personnel count.

As one of the top android app and game developers, we take pride in crafting deeply integrated experiences on the Adnroid OS. This craftsmanship merges beautiful front-end designs, functional user experience design as well as solid back end coding. Social Cubix’s team of gaming industry veterans can help develop isometric 2D games as well as hyper-detailed 3D gaming environments with in game social media viral hooks to give your game a greater reach. Our Android game developers are exceptionally versed in game development tools such as the Android SDK with Java IDE, Open GL, Open AL, Unity 3D and Android Security Architecture that go into crafting those exciting games you play every day.


We Make Your Android Audience Happy: Because we know what it takes to get your target audience excited, we deliver on the promise of purpose and not just function. Considering that sheer number of android OS users around the world, we help you capitalize on the potential that every game has from outstanding visual effects, to rock solid game engines. At Social Cubix, we truly get the Android OS.

Promotion for Your App via Social Media: By nature, we are a social media company. We just don’t develop your applications and leave you hanging with it on your device; we can work with you to promote it in the most cost effective way possible while drawing on the virality that comes with Social Media. We can assist with video promotions, Facebook promotions and in game ads for your application.

Runs on Almost Every Android Device and Version: Owing to various Android versions, our games are tailored to run on differing Android phones to cater to a wider audience. By focusing on premium game play, mechanics and stability, we come up with Android games that can take your brand to top charts on GooglePlay.

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