With proven results working with some of the largest brands across vertical markets, we understand what it takes to make social work for your brand. We understand what works and doesn’t work, and more importantly, why.

Social Cubix has a team of consultants that engage with your marketing and advertising teams to identify and understand your long-term marketing objectives/existing brand strategy and develop actionable strategies for achieving those goals while establishing ROI metrics. Our strategies effectively drive brand visibility and loyalty across multiple social channels.

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Develop a comprehensive plan for your social marketing strategy
  • Assess your current social marketing efforts and performance across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and on the blogosphere
  • Develop relevant metrics to evaluate your ROI in social marketing
  • Create online buzz through viral content dissemination and fan participation
  • Develop campaigns to drive convertible traffic and leads to sales instruments
  • Recommend policies, organizational structure and responsibilities for social in your enterprise
  • Provide training to teach policies, best practices and responsibilities for social in your enterprise
  • Provide detailed, actionable plans for sustained and deeper brand-fan relationship with your social communities and create brand evangelists in the process

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