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What our clients say

“I gave a brief talk and demo to an engineering group last night and I actually heard ooh’s and aah’s and I got questions at the end of the meeting (very encouraging).

I want to really thank you, and Shoaib, and Asif, and others at Social Cubix for hanging in there and dealing with all the detail and creating such a good app. The Popix 3D app is better than I had conceived on my own and I’m very happy with it. Some things all of you created seem almost like magic, creating an emailable link that can open a file on a desktop computer, sampling frames and combining into a file, keeping the image-file size down, keeping the app-file size down, extracting 9 images in reverse order for the 3-D print, resizing, flashing arrows for editing, the ability to do green screen, and the sensitivity slider, creating props on transparent backgrounds, merging, etc. I don’t think anyone using the app would have any idea the amount of work we put in on it. The app looks so simple which was my goal, to have it sophisticated but look simple. You pulled it off! I’m impressed and so glad I found Social Cubix.”

Steve Hines, CEO, Hines Lab, Inc - Popix 3D

“I wanted to send this e-mail to you to let you know that our team and especially myself, is very happy with the effort and work that you and your development team put into our platform, iMogul. All the developers have done an unbelievable job with the amount of information that we have provided over these last months. Our major target was to get the platform deployed before our first film, ‘Fight Church’ was announced. You and your team have accomplished that!

You and the developers have a deep understanding of what we at iMogul are trying to accomplish in order to disrupt Hollywood, help Independent Producers and people in the film industry, and let the crowd be a source for the Independent Producers inspiration. I believe the understanding that your team has, has a lot of it has to do with the fact that movies transcend cultures and touch all of us in one way or another.”

Chris LeSchack, CEO and Founder - iMogul

“Thank you again for the successful launch of the 3M and Converse applications. Your dedication, hard-work, flexibility, patience and professionalism is recognized and appreciated. I would recommend Social Cubix to any company wishing to create their application!”

Michael Guzman, Director - Sapient

“Social Cubix has delivered fast, high quality builds for us for almost a year now. I continue to be amazed by the excellent work that has come out of their shop – the attention to detail, and especially the quick turnaround is just stellar. I recommend them to anyone looking to keep their development costs down without sacrificing quality in the end result.”

Jeff Kemp, Senior Project Manager - Again

“Apartments.com needed to develop an app to provide landlords with a seamless way to create “For Rent” ads to post to their Facebook profiles. Working on a limited budget, Social Cubix was able to deliver a high quality, easy to use Application that is well aligned with the Apartments.com For Rent By Owner strategy. We are excited to see it in action and look forward to allowing landlords to present their rental units in a graphically pleasing, easy to read manner that will ultimately drive more renters to their available apartments.”

John Manganaro, Product Manager - Apartments.com

“My experience with Social Cubix was exceptional! As President and Creative Director of an integrated marketing firm, I might have chosen to develop my app concept in-house. However, due to my own busy schedule and the fact that this type of app is outside of our core business, I elected to consult a specialist. After extensive research, I decided on Social Cubix due to their excellent experience and track record of success. I was not disappointed! Their entire team was very professional throughout. They provided helpful initial feedback on the potential for the app’s success, allowed me to interact directly with developers who demonstrated the same courteous, professional attitudes, brought the app to life, just as I had envisioned it, and never once complained about changes or revisions to what was ultimately a challenging and complex project. They worked diligently to stay on schedule, quoted an excellent price and stuck to it. I am certain that their success is closely tied not only to their unique expertise and capabilities, but also an organizational commitment to operating with integrity. I highly recommend them.”

Tim Hamby, President - Renaissance Creative

“A few days ago, our community has reached the first 10’000 fans and our qualitative objectives were clearly performed.”Damien MagnenatOnline Marketing Manager

“The Club of the Friends of the Classic Malts wished to create a very qualitative Facebook page for its new community « Classic Malts & Food » in France. I have asked Social Cubix to develop two Facebook applications, a contest API to win samples of our single malts and a second quite complex API which allows our fans to share their own recipes and experience. In a very short time, Social Cubix has realized both API with great professionalism and reactivity, in all hierarchical levels. A few days ago, our community has reached the first 10’000 fans and our qualitative objectives were clearly performed. Thanks to the Social Cubix’s team.”

Damien Magnenat, Online Marketing Manager - Foxbox Direct Marketing

“I found Social Cubix provided the highest quality Facebook connect site, and as it was our first experience – that is exceptional for an agency to get it right first time. We worked well together and found their reaction time and expertise timely and efficient. Looking forward to working with them again already!”

Andrew Wills, Production Director - Microwave Media

Social Cubix Review “Social Cubix customer service is exceptional! They did an amazing job getting my website back online and creating a content manager to allow me to update my site at my leisure!”Nesha LopezCertified Financial Planning Counselor

“Social Cubix customer service is exceptional! They did an amazing job getting my website back online and creating a content manager to allow me to update my site at my leisure. I provided them the info needed and a few days later, they informed me that my site was back active! The key point is they went above and beyond than what i paid for and made no complaints!!!!”

Nesha Lopez, Certified Financial Planning Counselor - L.F. Financial Planning

“We decided a while back that it would make sense to have an application to help market our product while also providing a useful free tool for that same market. We are so happy that we discovered Social Cubix. They understand the value of Viral Marketing. They were able to create a very professional high quality app for us and they did it for a very reasonable price. In short, they are good at what they do and we highly recommend their services.”

Bernie Marasco, CEO and Founder - StepWare, Inc.

“Social Cubix did an amazing job making our ideas come to life. I am thrilled with the Kid Event Calendar application and my experience with Social Cubix. They responded quickly to all requests, delivered exactly what I wanted and were always professional. I look forward to working with this talented team on future new application projects as well as the continued development of the Kid Event Calendar.”

Brody D. Wallace, CEO - SoJo Group, Inc.

“I wanted to make sure everyone on your end knew how pleased we have been with this process. The app 100% looks great. Thank You.”

Ryan Quinn, Project Manager - NFPA.org

“I really do appreciate all your efforts and hard work to be responsive, flexible, creative and overall to make this a killer app. You’ve handled everything (including me) very gracefully. I appreciate it, and I’m here now because I’ve never had anything but great confidence that Social Cubix will deliver a fantastic end product – and that says a lot.”

Stephen Bradley, Managing Partner - Farmingville Capital

“When it came time to integrate my Apps with Facebook via Connect, I wanted a single-sign on experience for my users that would be seamless. Social Cubix delivered on time, on budget, and beyond expectations. The next time I need this kind of integration, I will be contacting Social Cubix.”

Eric Horton, Founder & CEO - DigNit, Inc.

Social Cubix Review “You met all of my expectations. Your staff is professional and talented. I appreciate all of your and your staffs help in making U Gotta Try a success.”Douglas WrightPresident

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Facebook Application and website you created for U Gotta Try. You met all of my expectations. Your staff is professional and talented. The site and application came out much better then I could have imagined. You worked with me throughout the process. Any changes I requested were handled immediately and you did everything you said you would do. I appreciate all of your and your staffs help in making U Gotta Try a success.”

Douglas Wright, President - U Gotta Try