How to reduce spyware for mobile phones

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How to reduce spyware for mobile phones

The business “Smart PC Solutions”, a developer of simple to use options for the optimization of your PC, has become the victim of a negative rating on Mcafee’s “SiteAdvisor” just like many other websites, most having no notion that they have received a negative review or why. This causes direct financial losses for many businesses but in actuality it redistributes money in favor of McAfee, which sells its anti virus options to panicked users who don’t delve very deeply into the details and consider the evaluations that are unjustified. That is an evident instance of unfair competition via their security software sales promotion by destroying other firms’ goodwill. McAfee’s “SiteAdvisor” puts a color to each website to show safe, caution, or warning ratings sometimes based only on average users’ comments (besides other things). A big red cross (warning) undoubtedly says the presence of a virus or spyware activity on the rated site. Their slogan reads as follows: “Protection from Adware, Spam and Viruses”. Here comes the surprise: the business “Smart PC Solutions” has nothing related to distributing viruses yet it’s received a rating of a Huge Red Cross – beware of the virus risk! Most of the software provided on “Smart PC Solutions” is freeware utilities and occasionally users don’t attain the desired results as two customers’ comments have testified. Nearly all the user comments on “Smart PC Solutions” has been positive and appreciative.

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Are you aware where McAfee placed the comments on the performance of the “Free Data Recovery” utilities? They put them in the “Bad Shopping Experience” section. Would you see any sense here? “Smart PC Solutions” furnishes Free Data Recovery software (worth over $50.00) for FREE (as well as many other useful things)! The first question to McAfee is: “What does shopping have to do with the Free Data Recovery merchandises?” Let’s go further and raise the second question to McAfee: “What does a shopping encounter have to do with the virus warning rating?” Where did they locate products containing spyware or viruses on the website? McAfee intentionally deceives people or misleads, by intimidating them with erroneous negative evaluations that could present a case for litigation. Now a question to the readers: “Do you still trust this system of evaluation?” There is an interesting fact the website itself has a significant quantity of negative evaluations by users but the website isn’t marked with even a “Warning”!

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Draw your own conclusions! As the owner of “Smart PC Solutions”, I wrote a letter to McAfee’s legal section requesting a removal of the negative rating, but was astonished by a reply from an official representative of McAfee stating that they place us in the same basket with spyware producers because some public association has rated our FREE anti-spyware option as “not strong enough” and that it comprises advertisements of our other products. Info about that was discovered in one user opinion. So what? We’ve created our own antispyware solution for our customers to remove parts that were unwanted that were widespread. We usually do not pretend to be the leader in this area. This was not our aim. Here is the third question to McAfee: Since when has market assessment been entrusted to haphazard research workers and organizations that are public in such an important subject as issuing guilty or not guilty verdicts! There’s not a word concerning this on the site of McAfee! Lately, several “independent evaluators” have emerged mooching on the antispyware market, and it’s also a well-known fact they frequently are advisors for anti spyware firms so their views could possibly be biased towards one programmer or another.

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