With the message of #SahelNOW spreading and with word reaching all over the world positive reaction and help is sure to rise.


UNICEF needs a viral solution to spread a message of awareness about a rapidly growing crisis in the Sahel region of Africa. They want to target young people, people in developing nations, get the word out there and muster up some much-needed understanding of the necessity of positive change.

The solution needs to tie in with an already existing viral campaign using the Twitter hash tag ‘#SahelNOW’. It needs to be a fun, interactive way to educate people that makes people want to be informed.


We made an education-centric Facebook application to raise awareness of the rapidly growing Sahel crisis through viral tie in with the “#SahelNOW” hashtag. It provides a fun, interactive way with a simple drag and drop puzzle game to provide crucial facts about African countries endangered by the current ecological catastrophe and get people thinking and acting in positive ways that contribute to solving the problems associated. Although a mechanism for “winning” is provided (getting the fastest time) it isn’t rewarded in any way other than a leaderboard which should only matter to people interested in getting the fastest completion time. The primary focus is on people taking their time and reading the facts and informing themselves so that when they “read more” they already have an understanding of how dire the situation is and how important it is to help. To that end the application encourages multiple play through, first reading, then playing fast and encouraging friends to do the same, all for an aim of spreading virally the all important message about helping UNICEF end this disaster.


The application has been spread to UNICEF pages tied to all parts of the world. It’s been spread as well by celebrities interested in providing a public face of prominence as an encouragement for personal involvement by all people.

Social Cubix has delivered fast, high quality builds for us for almost a year now. I continue to be amazed by the excellent work that has come out of their shop – the attention to detail, and especially the quick turnaround is just stellar.Jeff Kemp, Senior Project Manager
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