Run Tenji Run

Infusing creativity with expertise, we created an impressive level design. Emphasis was given on creating real lookalike obstacles. The rocks and volcanoes are of perfect size and shape matching their natural color tones. The hurdles look so real, you would never want Tenji to bump into them.

Game Design

Environment Design

Replay animation

The flawlessly sketched forest provides a serene background for the entire game. We have incorporated beautiful coconut palm trees for our main setting which plays with the user’s imagination to induce a real life escape sensation.

Character Animation

Run Tenji Run


Run Tenji Run


Run Tenji Run


Run Tenji Run


Tenji game is available in Google Play Android marketplace and is built using Unity, the ultimate tool for video game development.

“I wanted to make sure everyone on your end knew how pleased we have been with this process. The app 100% looks great. Thank You.”Ryan Quinn, Project Manager -
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