The Jargonator is a handy application to have on hand, as is currently helping many users deal with moments when they are caught off their guard.


Our client realized how so many people are put on the spot often enough when they have a new word flung at them. Social Cubix was asked to develop an iPhone application that could help people out who are put on the spot.


We developed an application called The Jargonator that supplies users with just the right “corporate speak” to respond to any given question or terminology. All you need to do is shake your phone or press “Jargonate” for a new completely legitimate yet indecipherable phrase to appear. This application possesses a variety of functions that can be utilized at the touch of a finger.

Enriched with a wealth of word structures, this application allows for innumerable permutations. Additionally, with a glossary of terms, you can look up any piece of Jargon someone slings at you and appear “in the know” at those all important meetings!

Social Cubix has delivered fast, high quality builds for us for almost a year now. I continue to be amazed by the excellent work that has come out of their shop – the attention to detail, and especially the quick turnaround is just stellar.Jeff Kemp, Senior Project Manager
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