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2013 and the Mobile Market

2013 has been a great year for mobile businesses. When it comes to platforms like Android and iOS, there has been a dramatic increase in the boost of the app market but that was expected. The rising trends in the mobile market have made efficient amendments in our lifestyle, from making transactions on the go, expressing ourselves, boosting business, marketing and techno-relating that is introducing a new language which we all must get acquainted with fast.

It is imperative to understand that by 2013 over 90% of all people on Earth have mobile phones with over 56% people owning a Smartphone. With so many people glued to their handy devices for instant information, being updated with business and relying more and more on their phones for their number one internet source, one has to take a moment to see the bigger picture here.

Mobile Market

Mobile technology has clearly mapped a new lifestyle of convenience where businesses have boomed in an overwhelming short span of time. The inception of apps and its agile technology is constantly bringing forward new solutions to enrich human life. Newer versions are promising an improved experience and have its users waiting with bated breath.

With latest versions updated by iOS and Android, the user experience has been a cause of a lot of excitement and uproar. Knowing that Android devices are a more popular and opted choice, with approximately over 60% of devices being powered by Android, the platform now clearly leaves a lot of scope for app developers to come forward and explore this platform to its capacity and benefit.

Mobile Market in 2013

The rise in the app downloads from the Android platform has also dramatically risen from 10 to 25 billion. With a staggering rise like this the one thing is pretty obvious to state that the changing trends in the mobile industry will continue and the mobile technology is here to stay. The continuous rise in this marketplace has opened new ventures for new opportunities. Be it utility apps or games or an ingenious idea that just makes our techno-relating more fun and efficient. The year has already been quite overwhelming with new apps leaving us awestruck with their solutions and efficiency. The rest of the few months, to this year will be just as exciting with new evolved technologies coming our way and leaving us to question if this such advancement in technology is some kind of scientific sorcery.

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