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6 Commandments of a Million Dollar App

According to report, last year in 2013, more than 102 billion mobile apps were downloaded causing the global app revenue to reach up to $26 billion. Apps not only ensure a smooth transition of information to users but also deliver a speedier and a visually gratifying experience.

Often times, an app triggers the possibilities of acquiring new customers. There are many kinds of apps ranging from social, networking to business apps. However, the core purpose of each one is to make services or products accessible to today’s users who are always on the go.

A successful app is customizable as well as intuitive. Let’s see how you can create a million dollar app by following these steps.

Humble Beginnings:

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You may be fascinated with the success stories of Viber and WhatsApp, which may lure you into getting an app, developed with a global appeal. However, do not forget that some of the most famous apps were first targeted for a cerain group of people or professionals. Make sure you know whom you want to get the app developed for and why it will work for them. Do your market research to know more and more about your targeted demographic. Focus on their preferences. Once you have a clear idea of how your app will be able to help your respective audience, you get the guiding principles of how you will map out your app development process. Consider small markets. The benefit of considering a smaller market is that it’s more easy to launch your app in regions like Latin America or Asia. Everyone dreams of breaking into the US Top 10 Apps list but beware! The percentage of installs you will require to make it to the Top 25 in America is around 30 times higher than in places like Mexico etc.

Hiring the Right App Developer:

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The right app needs to be created by the right developers. This means that you must make sure that the developers you are hiring possess such traits which make them exceptional developers. They must have an impressive portfolio with a solid clientele. The attributes that truly make app developers ahead of their rivals is their technological proficiency with an enthusiasm to create an app, which fulfills thire client’s requirement. Good app developers are known for their commitment to produce results, which are beyond expectations.

The million-dollar question: iPhone or Android?

Android Vs iPhone
Although the iPhone was the reason why we started taking notice of the smartphone revolution, the Android has now clear dominance over the former platform. Having gained more than 50% maret share in most of the markets, the year 2013 witnessed Android’s Google Play store increasing its app revenue. Whereas, there was a drop in the market share revenues of Apple’s App Store. If you are specifically creating your app for the iphone platform, make sure you include Android in your roadmap for later.

Make it Real: Don’t make a Replica!

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According to James Cuda of Savage Interactive, building apps should be about making something special, not just about making money. An app, which is just a replica of another successful app, is less likely to strike a chord with your target audience who may be using a similar app for the same purpose. If it’s a game app it has to present a unique challenge to the users. If it’s a social app, add a feature which is one step ahead of your rivals. For a business app, make sure you get an intuitive design developed for you app which covers all your products and services. The last thing users want, is to be bombarded with too much information and less interactivity. Remember, for you app to make millions, it has to be downloaded for a million times as well. Add that special zing once and reap the rewards for the years to come.

A Dynamic Design can do Wonders:

Dynamic Design
Less is defnitely more while designing for an app. A UX design with basic functions and features can promise to deliver the message while a complex design with countless irrelevant functions may fail to do the same. Pixel-perfect graphics along with nicely sized buttons and fonts will do justice to your app design. The icon design is the first impression of your app. Make the most out of it. Make sure to get your design tested on all available scree sizes in order for it to appear the same across all screens.

Monetization of your App:

Whether your app was developed on a beefy or a shoestring budget, the monetization strategy after it is being launched on your preferred platform can depend on your choices. Launching it free and then updating it with a modest price tag can be a good idea. You can also make money out of your app through a number of other ways such as display ads, offering in-app purchases or asking for referrals.

By following these tactics, you will surely have a better chance of getting a million dollar app developed, which will benefit both you and users all over the world.

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