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App Developers in D.C.

We here at D.C. are passionate about Design and Mobile technology. Social Cubix is equipped with an inspired and dedicated team that works towards making outstanding apps and games for leading clients. Knowing how many other app development companies profess the same, let us validate the statement by * cough cough * modestly listing our giant clientele.

We have had the privilege to work with: Sony, Canon, Nintendo, Pepsi, Suzuki, PayPal, Office Depot, Sharp. Sapient, Ray-Ban, Real Networks, Wal-Mart, iContact, and a host of others.

So let us begin with the basics, the above list could partly imply we must be doing something right, which is why they chose us.

Now to specify what is it that we deliver.

What we do:

D.C. App Developers
Social Cubix is a D.C. based premier app development company with focus on mobile, game, Facebook and web development as well as social media marketing. Our large pool of tech-obsessed developers, strategists and creative geniuses all under one roof makes us one of the largest development houses in North America by project and personnel count.

How we do it:

DC Application Developers
Our agile development process makes it easy to jump-start your project with the assurance of our best in class project management system that ensures your projects get delivered on time while exceeding your functional expectations. Social Cubix is also one of the handful companies that offer project insurance to protect you against losses of any kind, although we are meticulous enough to avert its use. Now that is what you would call a win-win situation!

We have the vision and expertise for technology, if you want your dream app turn into a present day reality allow our creative geniuses to build it.

Here we feel obliged to brag about our recently launched apps. The diversity can be observed by the variety of platforms our app developers have worked with:


Poker App Developer
Nothing excites us more than game play ideas. When CP Limited came up with an innovative game idea of a poker game, we knew our well versed in game design team had what it takes to ace the task successfully, which is exactly what they did with Pokkerable.


Cydo App Developer
Another quality game receiving thousands of downloads in the first two weeks was Cydo. Social Cubix was again put up with a thrilling game idea where the entire idea was to make the movement of the game fluid, fun and addictive.


Social Cubix had a new task based game app that it accomplished by the name of iRole. The idea behind the app was to motivate people to wind up tasks in a fun way, a mundane to-do task all packaged in a fun environment. This app allowed users to do boring everyday chores in a challenging game oriented fashion.

Bible Scholar:

Bible App Developer
Social Cubix is proud to have produced an app that carried 20 hand-picked Volumes of brilliant Bible study tools. Through these tools the users now have the ability to learn about the Holy Scriptures where the content is accessible at the end of your fingertips.

To drive results and turn your next project into a success story, call us now on (+1) 866.978.2220 or contact us online.

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