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Does Apple knock Out Android with iOS 8?

Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference is a well-known platform for developers to get to know about the newest developments in Apple’s software and hardware. In the past, Apple’s announcements regarding the launch of their new devices and other hardware have successfully managed to get huge media exposure. However, WWDC14 came as a big surprise, with Apple announcing the new version of MacOS and iOS8, while no hardware updates were disclosed.

Now, there is absolutely nothing to be disappointed about! People who were earlier expecting a spectacular iWatch or a revolutionized iPad, are currently celebrating the fact that the manner in which they carried out their mobile and desktop computing processes, will be completely transformed, thanks to the magnificently updated iOS8.

The Impressive iCloud

Announced at WWDC, is the impressive iCloud that vows to challenge the much-loved Dropbox. The feature, labeled as the iCloud Drive, offers access to content stored in the iCloud within OS X Yosemite’s Finder window. This will allow users to work within the document and save files in any way, they desire with the help of folders and tags. When users update their document to the iCloud folder, it mechanically syncs to other Macs. That data will also accessible via iCloud on iOS devices, along with Windows-based PCs.

Apps Communicating with Each Other

As discussed above, iOS apps are now capable of communicating with each other. While Apple places utmost importance to security, this feature let apps work harmoniously in ways never imaginable before. For instance, it lets your Jawbone UP app to acquire data from your diet app regarding what you’ve chosen to eat today, as well as the calorie counts and dietary information. Then, if you wish, you will be able to provide information such as the number of calories consumed to the latest HealthKit, from where; you can easily pass this information to your physician or anyone else you may desire. This is a noteworthy development over current iOS devices, and Android has no feature matching up to this capability yet.

Exciting New Widgets

Another thrilling feature is the addition of new widgets for the notifications area. Although Apple doesn’t have a similar home-screen style layout for widgets as Android, they had to be placed in the notifications area. OS X Yosemite has granted the Notification Center sidebar a dramatic visual makeover. The demo of eBay displayed just how nicely this system has shown development. You can view your current auctions and change your bid in the notification widget and in terms of usability, it’s a huge advancement. That simply means less clicking, which is always good news for users.

Authorizing App Purchases

With a fingerprint scanner (by means of a new API) you will now be able to authorize your app purchases. Your information is secure and never off the device, being safely locked away. This means a great and protected way to pay. Although, fingerprints are not considered as the ultimate security solution, but this system does add convenience and a significant level of protection to the app purchasing process, something what users are always looking for.

Thousands of New APIs for Developers

Apple boasts that there will be around 4000 new APIs for iPhone developers to use in the new iOS8. This appears to be a move to counter Android’s reputation for flexibility. Apple believes it will evade malware issues and viruses that have been of concern for Android.

As Craig Federighi claimed, 98 % of the Fortune 500 uses iOS. Apple’s updates are great advancements for enterprise developers as with the new iOS8 and OS X Yosemite, Apple has provided the developers’ community with dream-like possibilities. Businesses can develop or extend their apps with such an interactive and engaging environment created by Apple.

Will the new iOS 8 prove to be the most successful update rolled out by Apple? Share your thoughts in the comments or get in touch with us to know more about how iOS 8 can benefit your next app project.

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