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How Cloud Computing is Revolutionizing the Mobile Apps Industry?

Did you ever think that you could access your files on your personal computer from just about anywhere in the world? No wonder, the ‘cloud’ (which represents the internet in the cloud computing term) has started to become an integral part of our daily lives. Not only does it allow businesses to utilize software and hardware remotely; but also provides miraculous memory size to store official or personal data.

Social Cubix believes that cloud technology will evolve the mobile industry in breathtaking ways and will continue to serve mobile users globally. Here, we have discussed some of the many ways mobile apps are benefiting from the cloud technology to enhance lives and modify lifestyles.

Making Size Matter

The future is all about reducing the size of technology while enhancing the storage capacity and the quality of performance it offers. Millions of people have switched to portable devices for accessing information. Cloud services offer all computing, storage and processing to be done remotely. This means, all those programs and apps that you needed to download consuming valuable space on your phone, can now be accessed via the cloud instead of your phone memory. All the software you want to access without reducing your own phone memory space. What more can anyone want?

Making Online Shopping a Reliable Experience

Many surveys reveal that a major percentage of consumers are discontented with the increasing practice of web-to-store. This means that in order to make an online purchase, they have to shop for products on the internet after which they can go to a store to finally purchase it. Often times, the store doesn’t possess the product which the user has purchased on the website. The cloud promises to induce reliability with inventory records being much more visible to the users. With an increased accessibility that will allow mobile users to match the price and availability of the same product on a competitor’s website, will make sure that retailers will take drastic measures to satisfy their mobile-savvy shoppers.

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Making Language Barriers Disappear

The cloud’s immense computational genius may make language barriers disappear in several ways. Just think if you are at a client site and there comes a time when you are required to discuss an issue with a coworker who is in some other country (fluent in his native language only). You will be able to confer him on your mobile device and your conversations will be immediately translated into each other’s language by employing voice recognition and translation software. Cloud computing facilitates mobile-device users by offering a high standard of speech recognition accuracy which is actually equivalent to call center-based transcription services.

Making Road Trips Less Stressful

Have you ever traveled to a distant destination with a group of cars? If you previously had to look continuously in your rear view mirror to ensure that everyone’s keeping up, you’d be glad to know that, a number of students from the University of Michigan have come up with a mobile app for this purpose. This app will make use of the cloud technology to enable a cluster of cars travelling together to be able to keep track of each other throughout their journey. This app was a result of a class project and allows the travelers to analyze speed and fuel usage; can launch alerts about stopovers along the way. It can also prompt fellow travelers through texting, the road condition and risks involved to choose the best suitable route. The amalgamation of site tracking, social media along with cloud analytics will surely enhance all kinds of transportation systems in the future.

Cloud Computing: Transforming Mobile Experiences

Our phones have become the compass to everything we want to discover. From paying bills to checking movie shows, we are using mobile phones to do everything for us. With the help of cloud technology, we can expect more out of the mobile industry to develop exceptional apps, which will be of great use in our future.

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